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Monday, March 10, 2008
Has it really happened? Am I finally sick of the American Democratic primary race??? Let me check…yep…yep…yes, it’s true. I think I’m done. At this point, I’m almost ready to tell those folks down there to just elect John McCain and get ‘r’ done. Note I said almost. I haven’t completely lost it altogether. But seriously, why is this taking so long? And this isn’t even the election yet! It’s only the prequel to see who the nominee will be in the actual election. Dear God. Let’s compare shall we?

We recently had a provincial election up here in Alberta and it took all of 28 days. That’s four weeks folks, from beginning to end. Just under a month. Now, it certainly didn’t turn out how I wanted it to and there were some questionable aspects to the whole process this time around but neither, I think, would have had any impact on the outcome. The American primaries have been going on for how many months and we still don’t know who’ll be running yet? Come on people, shake a leg will ya?

There’s been a lot of chatter from the Clinton camp on how there should be a Clinton-Obama ticket, with Hillary on top (insert your own personal jokes here). She’s got a bit of nerve hasn’t she? Considering that she’s still running in second place, the lady senator from New York is a tad bit cocky (once more, insert…). I’d much rather see anyone other than her run for the Dems but if it means having them make a decision, I’m tempted to just say DO IT! Let’s move on, I’m getting agitated.

Ever since being introduced to the Green as a Thistle blog, I’m so excited about giving my life a green makeover. Oh, there’s no worry I’ll get rid of my fridge or my oven just yet but the thought of plants, recycling, and green/organic/natural products has me all a-tingle. I discovered on the weekend that Earth’s General Store sells Hankettes which I’m going to pick up this coming weekend (yay for payday!). I just wish the store was downtown and not on Whyte Ave…that’s at least two buses away. Maybe Dave will want to take the kids to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and we can stop by Earth’s General afterwards on the way home… (HINT HINT). I could even spring for some kettle corn for the kiddies. Speaking of plants, I grabbed a couple of clippings from coworkers to start some new plants (you can never have enough greenery!). No one seemed to have any ivy though which was a bit disappointing. Oh well. Now I just need pots and dirt.

Mom already recycles at her apartment and she giggled when I told her I had already bought bean seeds to plant. We don’t even have a new apartment yet and I’m planting beans! Talk about jumping the gun.

In my previous post, I had asked what my fellow readers do to be green and the most common answer seemed to be using canvas, fabric, etc bags and totes. Excellent choices my friends! I too use these bags although not always. You see, I reuse my plastic grocery bags as garbage bags and for when I scoop the litter from the box. While this doesn’t change the fact that they’ll end up in a landfill, I am at least re-using them. That’s #2 in the three R’s… However, yesterday, I whipped over to the neighbourhood Planet Organic (I was looking for the hankies) and grabbed a box of Seventh Generation’s kitchen garbage bags. They’re not much better than regular grocery store bags but they are made from 55% recycled materials (16% POST consumer) which is probably that much more than the ones Safeway, Save-On or Superstore uses. I also must commend Planet Organic as their plastic bags (I had gone out for a walk and wasn’t planning on stopping at the store) are made from biodegradable materials …. I think some sort of corn based product but I don’t have the bag with me. So, when I reuse it, I won’t feel quite so quilty.

One last green plug? Goodsearch. It’s a search engine that will donate a portion of it’s advertising revenue to the charity/cause/school of your choice when you search for something using it’s site. Granted you’d have to do a lot of searching for it to make a difference but think of how many times you Google something in a day, a week, over the course of a year? It could really add up, especially when you realize you’re not the only person. The downside? It seems, after a quick visit, that most (if not all) of the charities/causes are based in the US or donate to their American offices (eg: Greenpeace offices in Washington as opposed to their Canadian offices).

Weather here has been fabulous. Saturday +10C, Sunday +7C, Today…it’s +11C and only 2:45PM! Definitely a walking day today. And it’s supposed to stay this way (or at least above freezing) for most of the week. I’m going to aim for walking home every day this week, with the exception of possibly tomorrow as I’m likely heading to my brother’s to do my taxes. Quite the change from what the eastern half of the country is getting slammed with. Isn’t winter over? I’m not getting my hopes up, we’ve had snow in June before so the parka’s not getting packed away until it’s almost time to pull it out again.

Trying to plan the March installation of Dinner and a Movie with my mom. I think we’ll likely watch Crank (we both enjoy the action movies plus it’s got Jason Statham…what more could a girl want?). As for the dinner portion, I’m thinking something simple and yummy: pizza and salad. Doubtful that we’ll agree on the pizza toppings but we can just split the pizza in half. She’ll probably want those disgustingly vile mushrooms. Ugggh.


sp said...

Congrats on the clippings of plants and the 7th generation bags. You're moving forward in positive ways. There are several kitty litters made from corn that are flushable.

Seeing as you're a knitter...have you seen the recycled sari silk to knit with? It's gorgeous.

Ivy? If I could mail it to you I'd mail all of it to you. We're overrun with ivy here.

You turning over a green leaf inspires me to do more.

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