The Big Move!

Monday, April 28, 2008
It is done.

We are finally ensconced into our new quarters. And we couldn’t be more thankful that’s it’s finished. The move took less time than we expected, nothing seems to be damaged, and it was relatively painless. Or at least so we thought. Within an hour or two of picking up the cats on the last trip of the day on Saturday, both Admiral Grannie and I began to feel the stress and strain on our tired, out of shape muscles. Despite not having to do any heavy lifting, our backs were crying out, calf muscles were screaming, and by Sunday morning (after an almost 12 hour sleep…more on that below) I could barely move my neck to shoulder check without it seizing up. Yikes! However, lots of sleep, plenty of cat snuggles, and some yummy food made us forget about the pain.

The move on Saturday was over with by 2PM and the first thing we both did was put our beds back together. Surprisingly, most of the apartment was in livable condition by 5-ish. Furniture arranged, toilet paper on the roll, dishes put away, cat boxes filled and … ugh … already being used. It was if we’d lived here for months already. Within an hour, both of us had gone to bed and were snoring away by seven. Chunky boy Nero had a bit of a traumatic voyage to the new digs and ran straight into the Captain’s cabin the moment he was let out of the box. It took until Monday morning for him to venture out into the living room without running away. The patio doors are still a bit of a problem but he seems to be adjusting well. Doesn’t he look relaxed? Anubis and the Admiral’s kitten, Rocky, are getting along famously. Sure there was the occasional hiss, a chase around the couch, and a few minutes hiding under the bed but now…? Best of friends, sort of…

On Sunday, we began hanging photos and curtains, rearranging cupboards, setting up the bathroom (we have two sinks!!!), and getting truly settled. I woke up around 6am and got to work right away (10-11 hours of sleep gives you energy…and a massive headache!). The computer was set up first. No internet at this point (and no phone, no cable which means no hockey!) but I settled in and played a nice relaxing game of Age of Empires II. Then, back to work. Curtains went up, pictures in place (but no hammering: the Admiral was still sleeping, she’s so lazy now that she’s old…).

To celebrate our first full day in the new digs, I made dinner: veggie penne alfredo with peppers, onions and sundried tomatoes. I’d never used sundried tomatoes before – oh my goodness, how fabulous are they?! They’ll be a staple in my cupboard. We also rented a movie since we couldn’t watch any of the hockey games on last night and ended up with The New World with Colin Farrell. Ugh. We lasted ½ hour before turning it off and reading a book instead.

It’s supposed to hit +18C today…Spring is here. While out on the balcony yesterday, we noticed a couple of people out in the community garden planting/preparing their plots. Oooooh! I told mom we should get started too! However, it’s not May yet so I guess we’ll wait. The weather was great all weekend, in the double digits each day so all of my furniture remained dry and clean.

I realize now that I’m just rambling with no clear thought pattern so I’ll leave you with pictures of our new apartment, some of the sights we can see, and other various stuff. Yay! I’m back on the interwebby!
Captain's Berth

Nice and relaxing

The wall of closets.

Hotel MacDonald

Edmonton Queen River Boat

Telus Field or whatever it's called these days...

The Muttart Conservatory

The Galley


Wandering Coyote said...

Well, I am soooo glad this went well, but am not surprised you were sore and exhausted...It's a LOT of work. But the place looks really good!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your new place looks fabulous! It looks so comfy and inviting, I was getting jealous not being invited to watch a crappy movie with you and the Admiral and the kitties. You are all going to love it there, I think.

Red said...

Welcome to your new digs! Moving house is so incredibly stressful, I'm glad to hear your move was relatively painless.

Cats don't like the upheaval, though, do they? Had Anubis and Nero already met Rocky, or was it their first encounter?

Milla said...

Your new abode looks wonderful! Soooo spacious, especially the bedroom. I'll have Del Piero sent for dinner. He loves cats and heights and Canadian gals.

* (asterisk) said...

Enjoy your new space, Cap. Seems like it went pretty smoothly, so that's nice.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Way to go girl. I'm glad you're in your new home with those great views.

SME said...

Yay, the worst is over! Looks like the guys settled in nicely already, heh heh. But wherever the food is is home to them, right?
Welcome to the 'hood!

sp said...

Glad to hear that it all went well and that the cats have settled.

You're new home looks very nice. I can't believe you set up so quickly! And you made an amazing dinner. Hurray for the sundried tomato!

Gardenia said...

Looks like you have a wonderful space. It's very nice. I love the photos of the cats - they seem to feel like its a good space as well. Are the city photos of your view?

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