The Captain's Moving

Thursday, April 10, 2008
A recent comment by Barbara reminded me that I hadn't officially announced my news to the world. So, without further ado, here it is. I'm moving. No no, the Swiftsure, the Green Pirate, and A Year in ... Edmonton will not be moving. They're staying put. Nope, my landlocked digs are changing. In an effort to for both of us to save a few bucks (and secretly to keep an eye on my mom AND get the use of a dishwasher and a balcony), Admiral Grannie and yer Captain are moving into a new apartment together. So if anyone feels the need to send me a care package please check with me as to whether to use the old address or the new one.

And yay! Calgary won their first game...Ottawa got shut out but that's ok.


Milla said...

Good luck with the move!
I'd love to move in with my mum :)

Pokecheck said...

Yep, my 'Calgary will be swept' prediction has already been thumped (just like Ottawa - wow).

I'm no soothsayer.

And congrats on the move and the new balcony. Having some outside space connected to your home is glorious. I definitely need your new address. So I can stalk you, I mean, send you stuff.

kelly said...

I haven't moved for several years...but I find it cleansing...purge all the old unwanted stuff

Barbara Bruederlin said...

A dishwasher and a balcony are more than sufficient reasons for moving.

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