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Sunday, April 20, 2008
Hey folks. Sorry I haven't been making my usual rounds or posting as much. This weekend was another few trips to the new apartment with boxes and small pieces of furniture. It doesn't seem like much when everything is in it's place but once you start packing it up...holy cow. That' s a lot of crap. The cats are a bit confused. So am I. The new apartment and the old both echo when you make anykind of noise. I've made four trips in the car with stuff and I've got at least three more and that doesn't include taking the cats with me so...I guess I've got four more trips. Plus the big furniture move, which I'm hoping we can get down to just one truckload. I don't really have a lot of stuff. Honest. My brother's car is just really small. Yeah, we'll go with that.

To make matters worse, it snowed AGAIN this weekend. Two weeks ago, it was blizzarding out. Roughly 6 inches, I'd guess. Last weekend, it was +25C and felt like summer. People wore sandals, shorts, rode motorbikes, and were getting sunburns. Seven days later, it's a blizzard all over again (and its still snowing this morning!). Guess that was summer. The saving grace of this weekend, was that when we dropped off the car at Big Brother's house, he barbequed dinner for us. In the snow. Wearing a parka, mitts and boots. He's awesome.

The hockey playoffs are progressing. Ottawa's out but we've still got Calgary and Montreal. For how long? Who knows. Montreal hasn't been able to knock off Boston and they're going to game seven. The Flames are still holding on but they might be out of there tonight if the Sharks are on their game. Arrrggh. Regardless I'll be yelling/cheering at the television tonight. There's nothing like the playoffs for good hockey.

Speaking of playoffs, I haven't forgotten about Eurocup08. I know I haven't been following as closely as I should have been but all the games up to this point have just been to determine the round of 16. Now that that's been decided, it's game on. The quarterfinals begin June 7th. That's just a mere 48 days away. Woooooooo! Broken down into four groups, here are my picks to make it to the next round:

Group A: Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey
I've got to pick Portugal, home of my Figo (although he's not on the team). The Czech Rep. will likely provide the most competition for them but they'll get by into the semi-finals.

Group B: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Poland
Don't much about the other teams, but I'm going with Germany.

Group C: France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania.
Probably the toughest group in the final 16. Not sure whether to go with France or Italy....Arrrggghh. Do I have to pick one? Ok, ok, I'm going with...Italy then. Plus, I get to watch a team of sweaty Italian men running around...oooooh. Three words: Alessandro del Piero. 'nuff said.

Group D: Greece, Russia, Spain, Sweden
My heart says Russia but you've got Spain AND Greece. As much as I'd like Russia to get through to the next round, I'm going with Spain.

UPDATE: It seems I made a mistake and it's not the winner of each group that advances but rather the top here are my new picks:
GROUP A: Portugal and Czech Republic
GROUP B: Germany and Austria
GROUP C: France and Italy
GROUP D: Greece and Spain

Mom and I have offered the grandkiddies a piece of the garden to plant whatever they want. Both of them were very excited and are looking forward to planting carrots, carrots, and...carrots. They found it extremely hilarious they were planting this particular vegetable in their Grannie Dawn and Auntie "Carrots" garden. Ha ha, says I, ha ha. It'll be fun, the kids (and us) will get dirty and Big Brother and wife will get a few hours on their own one Saturday a month.


Wandering Coyote said...

Moving is always total suckage. Not a fan, myself. But, once you get yourself set up, it'll be great, then you can just sit back and enjoy your new view.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Moving is a great way to get rid of stuff, but that is also a bit of a pain. There's no way around it I guess.

Just stop snowing already!

Gardenia said...

Ohhhhhhhh, trying to move in a car in the snow - was some of the worst experience in my life.....I hope it gets over with and you are soon cozy -

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