Interviews of the Not So Rich and Famous - Ep8 - Wandering Coyote

Sunday, April 06, 2008
Well folks. We're in the home stretch - over half way through our interview series. Let's look at what we've accomplished so far. 'Yer Captain has interviewed Doctors, filmmakers, publishers, hockey fanatics, creepy Radiohead fans music masters, and family members. That's a lot of people. They're going to be hungry after my stress-filled interviews and frankly, I get annoyed at having to cook for myself let along a hungry mob. Enter Wandering Coyote, chef extraordinaire. She cooks, she bakes, she blogs. One of my very first "blog friends", Coyote is outspoken, opinionated, and ... I can't think of another "O" word so let's go with Fab-U-Lous. Without further ado, I give you the interview...

1. Name, favourite cookbook, do you howl at the moon?
Wandering Coyote. Just one cookbook?... The Cookie Bible, I guess... Yes, I have been known to howl at the moon now and again.

2. Create your own Saturday morning cartoon-inspired breakfast cereal based on your favourite cartoon as a child. Describe the colour, name, taste, shape and if there's any nutritional value whatsoever.
Are you kidding me?
OK, well it would have big bunny ears, be orange in colour and flavour...named...Bunny Bits? As for nutritional value - yes. High in carotene.

3. What did your parents want you to be when you grew up and how are they handling their disappointment?
I never got any input from my parents as to what they wanted me to be when I grew up. I got the distinct impression they were more concerned about getting me through my teens alive. Hence, I don't believe they're disappointed. I do think they're a little puzzled at how they wound up with three artsy-fartsy kids though (my younger brother Rob is a musician and composer, and my youngest brother Jem is a killer cartoonist, artist, and graphic designer - shameless plug: you can see some of his stuff at

4. Who is the coolest living world leader? Dead leader? Would you party with either of them?
Coolest living leader...Um...coming up blank here... Castro? Wait, he's not leading anymore... Chavez? Does he party?
As for the dead... Benazir Bhutto was pretty awesome, and I do have a lot of admiration for Katherine of Aragon, though she wasn't a leader per se. Neither of them struck me as party girls, though. A civilized dinner party perhaps.

5. Your boyfriend's in prison trying to help his wrongfully convicted brother break out but needs your help. What do you bake inside the cake you give him and what flavour is it?
Excellent question. First of all, the cake would have to be heavy so that it wouldn't feel suspicious at all, and it would have to be quite robust. A mousse cake would never do, even though it's so tasty. Way too delicate. I'm thinking of a huge baked cheesecake - 12" in diameter at least - heaped with fresh fruit and chocolate curls. It would have a thick crust just to protect it a little more from scans etc. Inside: a huge wad of cash to pay off guards and bribe other inmates; a cell phone; small tool kit.

6. There's a massive disruption in the space/time continuum and every Barbie ever made has been instantly vapourized. What does Ken do?
He celebrates.

7. If you were a Smurf, what would your name be and would you enjoy being only three apples tall?
I am already too short at 5'4"! My name? Bakerette.

8. If the Devil goes down to Georgia, would you folllow him?
Um...I have been to Georgia and it's OK, but probably a bit warm for me in the summer months. It would have to do with who this devil actually was. If his name was George, or Gale, or Nathan, probably. Otherwise, probably not.

9. As you know, the Vatican recently announced a new round of "deadly sins". Name your list of seven sins that shouldn't be.
being overweight
chocolate addiction
pot smoking
cheating at Scrabulous
throttling world leaders

10. Your plane crashes onto a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific, the tail in one section and the nose in another. Which section were you in and did you have a window seat?
I would not have had a window seat because on a long-haul flight I would request an aisle seat - I cannot stand being confined. Knowing my luck, I'd be at the very back of the plane near the bathrooms. Both a blessing and a curse: blessing because you're close to the can when you need to go; curse because you're always the last to get off the plane when you land. In this case, I think the back would be advantageous because in the tail section Jack, Sawyer, and Sayid are all there.

11. Nathan Fillion is coming over for dinner (lucky girl). On the menu is spaghetti. Does he use a spoon and spin his noodles or is he a freak like me and cut them with a knife and fork? (I'd ask more questions about this date but this is a PG-14 blog...)
Definitely a spinner.

12. Your plans to help your boyfriend and his brother escape from prison went horribly wrong and you've ended up on death row. What's your crime? What would you have for your final meal?
I might have killed one of the hanger-on inmates that manipulated his way into the escape but botched it. Or, I might have killed one of the crooked prison guards. As for my last meal, I'd have pizza, ice cream, spinach salad, and a pitcher of margaritas.

13. Since the Blogger team won this year's Test the Nation on CBC, does that mean bloggers are the smartest people ever? Why haven't they taken over the world yet?
We are definitely amongst the smartest people ever, that's for sure. TTN proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. As for taking over the world... The keyboard is mightier than the machine gun. Are we not gradually doing that already? One day, we will rule the world - from our computers and PDAs! Ha! No weapons involved, no wars - just words, the way it should be.

14. Create your own word that you'd like to see allowed on Scrabulous and what is the definition?
"Nekkid" would be nice. We all know what that means. I don't have any words in my brain that don't exist already in the Scrabulous dictionaries, but I would like to see it allow more three letter words, like QUO for instance. And ZEN...Why doesn't it allow that? Candy Minx would like it to allow ZAH. I don't blame her.

15. If you could choose someone to make a documentary about your life, who would direct and what would be the title?
My brother would make the documentary, with the other talented folks at Juicy Studios. Jem, in addition to having the aforementioned talents, is also a wicked movie-maker. My brother Rob would do the music, most of it original, but I would like it to include some Linkin Park and Within Temptation. As for the title...I have no idea. How about "This is Coyote." Or, "Coyote, Wandering." I don't know! I'm terrible at titles!

Thanks Coyote!


Wandering Coyote said...

Ah, this is great! Thanks for the great interview questions, mon Capitan!

SME said...

This is awesome!! I didn't know about your interview series...wicked idea!

Bridget Jones said...

ha ha ha! Didn't know about interview series either but am a fan of this one. Well done both of you!!

How about interviewing a really really annoying blogger (creative answers)? Know who/what I mean?

sp said...

Love the interviews and love the Wandering Coyote pup photo.

mister anchovy said...

another fun interview - I'm enjoying these...

Milla said...

I LOVE question no 6!

* (asterisk) said...

There are plenty of good three-letter words! You just need to play the SOWPODS version instead of that crazy TWL.

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