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Monday, April 07, 2008
Alrighty, baseball season has started and it's time to make my picks. This year, I'm going with the Pirates, 'natch, in the National League and in the American League...I guess I'm going to have to go with Tarannna. Oops sorry, my mom might read this so I meant to write TORONTO. If she heard me say it like that, I'd get a smack up side me 'ead. I doubt Pittsburgh will be able to do much but ya gotta support the boys right?

And, its the most anticipated time of the year here in Canada - Stanley Cup playoff time. That means the next two months in front of the TV watching games and yelling at the telly. Awesome. My picks for the first round are:

Eastern Conference
Montreal def. Boston (possibly the best matchup of the Playoffs)
Ottawa def. Pittsburgh (gotta support our Canadian teams, eh)
Capitals def. Philly (couldn't care less about either team but if I had to choose...)
New Jersey def. NY Rangers (I can't cheer for NY)

Western Conference
Detroit def. Florida (you shouldn't be playing ICE hockey in Florida)
Calgary def. San Jose (this won't happen's San Jose)
Minnesota def. Colorado (Minnesota's kinda like Canada)
Dallas def. Anaheim (I'd rather not choose Dallas but if it's them or Anaheim...let's just say there's bad blood there)


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm so stoked that MTL has made it this year! I might actually watch the playoffs this year!

Pokecheck said...

It's Detroit vs. Nashville. Florida didn't make the playoffs (and they're in the eastern conference, too.)

Captain Karen said...

Ah crap, how did I miss that? I'm still picking Detroit though...

sp said...

There is no way I can allow Detroit to go past the first round and this is why I did not want Nashville in the play offs because despite all my voodoo attempts Detroit will most likely defeat Nashville.

I'll have to post my picks.

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