Friday, May 02, 2008
64. Riptide - Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

From the same authors who brought us the so-so novel, Relic, which was made into a forgettable movie, Riptide is a fast paced action-adventure novel about pirates, hidden treasure, booby traps, and greed. The description from their website:

For generations, treasure hunters have tried to unlock the deadly puzzle known as the Water Pit: a labyrinth of shafts and tunnels that honeycomb the heart of a small island off the coast of Maine. Reputed to be the hiding place of pirate treasure, the Water Pit possesses an inexplicable ability to kill those who venture into it, from professionals to innocent explorers. But now one man has made a startling discovery: the Water Pit is actually a carefully designed fortress, conceived for pirates by a renowned seventeenth-century architect who hid his plans in code. Unlocking the code will break the curse of the Water Pit. Or will it? The most comprehensive, high-tech expedition ever assembled has come to Maine and to Dr. Malin Hatch, owner of the island. While the treasure hunters have their reasons for mounting this assault--$2 billion in gold--Hatch has his own motives to join them. For Hatch, whose brother died on Ragged Island thirty years before, the only escape from the curse is through the black swirling waters and bloodstained chambers of the Pit. With more computing power than a small university, the recovery team slowly chips away at the mystery. But as the seekers try to conquer the Pit, men begin to die. And all the while, the last, secret chamber of the Pit waits to unleash the most lethal mystery of all.

According to, the book is in the process of being adapted for the big screen. I'm pleased to hear this as I really enjoyed this novel. It was fast paced, full of action, and a great enjoyable read. It was one of those books that, as you're reading it, you can see it played out on the screen. As the IGN article stated, it has elements of Indiana Jones' adventures mixed with the Goonies and a dash of Die Hard for good measure. Who doesn't love a treasure hunt? When there's two billion dollars, a mysterious artifact, and instant fame on the line, what would you do?

While not destined to become either a film or literary classic, it's Captain recommended.


Untreatableonline said...

The majority of the books that these two have co authored on are highly entertaining. I think my favorite is Reliquary which is the sequel to the Relic

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