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Monday, May 26, 2008
Um, correction. Not so much.

As my faithful readers can attest, I'm generally a big fan of CNN. I watch their morning news a lot. This is nothing new. As a teenager, I used to love to sit and watch Headline News for a couple of hours (despite the fact it repeated every 1/2 hour). It's important to know what's going on at home and abroad, no? However, I've become increasingly jaded towards CNN and other news programs. My cable package does not include MSNBC or FOX News Network (thank God). CTV NewsNet isn't too bad especially for Canadian news. My local news coverage on the regular CTV station is ok but they talk too much about the weather and don't cover enough truly "local" news happenings. But back to my beloved CNN.

They suck. I won't even bother with discussing Headline News as they crashed and burned a long time ago. No, I'm talking about the regular CNN station. Even if it wasn't the years leading up to an election, their coverage of real "news" would be sad. Now obviously, it's only natural to expect that they would focus the majority of their coverage on American news events as they are an American network. However, their coverage of international news is disappointing. I find they tend to gloss over news stories like the election problems in Zimbabwe, Israel and Palestine, elections in Lebanon, the earthquake and aftershocks in China and the cyclones in Burma (Myanmar). When you can eventually tune in to a program that isn't devoted to election coverage, candidate bios, or discussions with political pundits, they'll give you a bit of general information but good luck finding out anything of any substance on these major international events. But I needn't fret. I have a new news-hero.

For the longest time, I couldn't cut the strings. It was like the stuffed bunny, Mr. Buns, that I slept with as a child and who still sleeps soundly in a wooden chest beside my bed should I ever need to pull him out to share a big cry. CNN's been a part of me for over half my life. You can't just cut that out of you and toss it aside. Or can you? A while ago, I mentioned that our cable package suddenly included BBC Newsworld. I watched a few bits and bobs here and there but was loathe to leave my beloved Ted Turner mega-news network. CNN's news coverage this weekend however bored me to tears - I almost opened Mr. Buns' crypt and brought him back to the land of the living.

Just as the lid was creaking open, I heard a man's lovely British accent discussing the elections in Zimbabwe. Intrigued, I turned my head. Within a few minutes, I had learned more about the election fiasco, Robert Mugabe and the reign of harrassment and torture his followers have been terrorizing supporters of Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change party. Mere minutes. Watching CNN for an hour this morning, after an hour they hadn't even mentioned in on American Morning. Flipping back and forth between BBC Newsworld and various sporting events on the boobtube yesterday, I learned more about Lebanon's elections (and their new Army general president), Hamas and a score of other major happenings than in a week of watching CNN. Heck, they even covered the highlights of the first game of the Stanley Cup! I didn't see THAT on CNN. And did you know that Mexico is set to cut food import tariffs? Seriously. And Mexico is America's next door neighbour but no one over here's reporting on this... sheesh.

And so my beloved readers, I have a new hero and it's name is BBC Newsworld. It's superpower - reporting the news, not just American election coverage, rising oil and gas prices, or flight delays. Perhaps my UK and European readers will have different opinions regarding the coverage the BBC offers but for those of us over's a far cry better than anything else we get.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Excellent. I've only caught BBC news a few times and thought it was very decent, but I am always driven nuts when the SU occasionally watches CNN.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

BBC news rocks. CNN sucks.

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