Beckham Beckons

Monday, May 12, 2008
Well, for some. But not me. However, the city is abuzz today - soccer star David Beckham will be landing in Edmonton this afternoon around 3pm-ish. The LA Galaxy is playing an exhibition game against the Vancouver Whitecaps at Commonwealth Stadium. No I will not be attending. No sir. Not a fan of Becks. Sure I enjoy football and am eagerly awaiting the start of the part of the Eurocup 2008 tournament (FYI: countdown for the 2010 FIFA World Cup ... 759 days ...) but I think Beckham is a big fat booger. Sorry couldn't think of anything more intelligent to say about him today - my head is still feeling wonky and it's affecting my brain. No word if Posh and the kids are coming with him.

I found another trip I would have liked to take. This weekend marked the start of the David Thompson Brigade. The trip recreates his return trip back to Ontario from Rocky Mountain House. That's 3600KM. By canoe and portaging. Oh yeah. I'm down with that. What a fantastic way to see the country.


SME said...

Meh. I have a meeting at exactly at that time to receive some Satanic Panic-related documents, so I won't be getting my panties in a knot over his arrival (not that I would, anyway!)

Wandering Coyote said...

OMG - I think he is so hot!!

Gardenia said...

Ahhhhhhh, so this is Posh's man. Look at those muscles - and not an ounce of - ah, ur - horrors - fat - it would be like making love to a tree trunk, bark and all.

The Brigade does sound interesting - I so wish I had that kind of endurance, the older I get, the more I know I missed out by ignoring my body and not training it to do amazing things....

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