The countdown begins...

Sunday, May 18, 2008
... all the ingredients are lined up and ready to go. Mmm, I'm getting hungry just looking at them. A few quick notes: I've switched the eggplant (Admiral Grannie's not a huge fan) to peppers/onions, I'm using dehydrated basil instead of fresh (I can never get it chopped right when I use fresh), and I switched form rigatoni to penne. I only like rigatoni if it's in a baked pasta dish. So, essentially, I'm not really making Red's Rigatoni alle Norma - it's more of a Penne del Capitana but using her recipe as the base.

I can't help it! I never follow recipes. I can't...I think it must be genetic. However, for anyone who's interested I'll post Red's original recipe provided she gives me the ok to do so. It does sound fabulous. Perhaps she'll make if for me if I ever manage to get over there to visit.


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