Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Tonight is our community garden cleanup and orientation. I'm so excited! Mom, not as much but I have a way of being...infectious...for lack of a better word. We both have brand new gardening gloves and I started four seeds today (2 beets, 1 yellow pepper and 1 bean) and will likely plant them in our plot by the weekend - if last time is any indication, it won't take longer than a few days before they sprout!

On tap for tonight is removal of the last of the garbage on the site, figuring out how to fill the water barrels, how to access the equipment shed, general rules, etc. The garden is open to the public and lots of people walk through. Plus, since we're right downtown, I'm guessing there might be some pilfering of veggies by homeless folks. As long as they leave me some of my veggies, I don't mind. They're in greater need than I am, so if it helps them out and gives them some much needed be it.

Dara has changed her mind from planting carrots to summer squash (I think...some sort of squash anyways). Avery still seems set on planting the carrots though. This should be interesting. Even if it doesn't work out, we'll have plenty of pictures and stories to tell (not to mention all the dirt under our fingernails).

I'm hoping for a run to the mall at lunch today - I need to get some more starter dirt thingies and I haven't been able to find ANY cherry tomato seeds for mom. There've been regular tomatoes and grape tomatoes but that's it. Does no one grow cherry tomatoes any more? Sheesh. I'd also like to get some stakes that you can right on in order to stick in the ground. Otherwise I won't know what's what or where it is! Did that make sense? Give me a's not even 7am yet! Me fail English? That unpossible. Oooh! And I'd love to get a jolly roger to stick in the ground to warn other gardeners from getting too close! Arrrgggghhh, we pirates don't put up with anyone else pilfering our goods! (except the homeless...see above).

I'll try and snap a few shots of our garden at ground level tonight but no promises. I'll certainly give y'all an update though. Stay tuned.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Can you really grow tomatoes from seed up there? Down here we buy fully grown plants and if we are really lucky and spit over our left shoulder three times we'll get some vine-ripened ones by September.

Go garden!

sp said...

You can grow tomatoes from seeds, but it's best to start them indoors in late February/early March.
Karen, you may want to look from established tomato plants at this stage. I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a cherry tomato plant from a nursery.

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