Damn You, Tom Cruise

Saturday, May 31, 2008
Damn you. I've successfully avoided almost all of the films you've made in the last 10 years (with the exceptions of Minority Report and Goldmember both of which I should have avoided). Heck, I've never even seen one of your Mission Impossible movies and I LOVED the television show. And now you're coming out with not one but two movies that I want to see. I've already mentioned that I wanted to see Tropic Thunder despite the fact that it might just tank like some of Ben Stiller's other films. But I've finally seen a trailer for Valkyrie. Sure there's been a lot of talk about this film for a while but I figured if anything I'd catch it on DVD when it's eventually released and break my "avoid anything with Tom Cruise at all costs" rule. Interested? Sure but not enough to shell out $40 for a night at the cinema. A little glimpse at the IMDb.com page for the film and I was shocked to discover that Bill Nighy's in it. And Eddie Izzard. And Tom Wilkinson. And Terrence Stamp. And Kenneth Brannagh (who I think is a bit overrated but talented nonetheless). And...Stephen Fry. Have I mentioned that I love Stephen Fry? I do. Now I'm getting super excited to see this film. Heck, if they had thrown in Paul McGann and Vincent Regan, I'd camp overnight outside the theatre to be first in line. Thank god they didn't - I'd never have lived that one down. Here's a little slice of what's coming soon to a theatre near you.

So I say Damn You, Tom Cruise. You've discovered my kryptonite. I shall pay top dollar to see your stinking movie. It better be good.


Trump said...

Bill Nighy is always the same in whatever film he's in. He was best in Shaun of the Dead, where he karked it quite nicely.

Gardenia said...

The first time I saw Tom Cruise in the movie where he flew airplanes I was panting. I thought he got a bit odd - its that scientology crap - they all get a bit odd - but he's still cute as anything.

Red said...

"I shall pay top dollar to see your stinking movie" -- hahahaaha!

Seriously, though, have you not seen Magnolia? He's really good in it.

Wandering Coyote said...

I will still avoid it like the plague.

I had the opportunity to read Dianetics while on the psych unit - of all places to find a copy of Dianetics. Weird shit to say the least.

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