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Sunday, May 18, 2008
I wonder if I should start preparing my Oscar acceptance speech already???? Perhaps I'll wait just a few weeks. Ok, ladies and gents. Grab your popcorn, a cold drink, and plop your butt into your favourite comfy chair. I give you...the Film.


Red said...

Haha... what a dynamic duo! Your mum (Admiral Granny?!?) reminds me a lot of a friend of mine in Italy. You two seem to be having such a great time!

So, penne del Capitano, eh? I think the main thing that went a bit wrong there was (perhaps) that you added too much cheese. I should have given clearer instructions as to the quantity, but I assumed that you would be able to find a mozzarella ball, like we do in the shops here. Half of what you added would have been enough.

If I was cooking with peppers instead of aubergines, I would probably cook everything in the same pan. So, garlic and onion, then add peppers, then the tomatoes. No real difference in the end result, except in the amount of washing up!

A valiant effort, though, and I'm pleased to hear it tasted delicious!

* (asterisk) said...

You guys are funny! Gave me a good pre-breakfast laugh (and hasn't even spoiled my appetite, you'll be pleased to hear).

What big portions you North Americans use compared to us Europeans. (Or us at Casa AsteRed at any rate.)

I think it looked yummy as a sauce. I agree with Red about too much cheese, but I'd probably say too much pasta too. Maybe 350g would have been more than enough, rather than all 500g. It would have helped the sauce "go further", so to speak.

But I reckon it tasted pretty good all the same.

BTW, until Red started making Norma, I hardly ever ate any eggplant/aubergine. I just didn't like it. But the way it comes out in Norma is delicious, cos it's sliced so thinly and fried till golden brown. I reckon you should try it, but we'll post a video of it to help y'all out!

Great job!

Captain Karen said...

Red: yep, that's the Admiral. She outranks me based solely on age (and because she gave birth to me) but I'm the real brains behind the operation. I probably could have gotten a ball of Mozza if I had ventured out to the Italian centre but it was just too hot to go very far this weekend. The sauce looked and smelled uber-yummy up until we added the cheese. Perhaps next time, I'll try cream and it'll turn a bit smoother... :)

*Asterisk: glad to hear that you were still able to eat and that you had a chuckle. As for the portions, we both had small bowls of the pasta for dinner but we did make a huge pot. I love to have leftovers to grab for work lunches so I generally make more than I need and then stick it in the refrigerator. I do enjoy aubergines: there's a great Italian place near work that makes a similar dish (minus the mozza) which I LOVE but mom wasn't too keen on the idea.

To be fair, the initial bites were pretty good. However, I found there was far too much mozza (you guys were right) and it made me gag a bit. And within a few moments the melted cheese started to firm up again - not so good.

However, I'm brave and the Admiral loves to eat so I'm sure we'll be trying another recipe very soon.

Wandering Coyote said...

Great videos, though I get a message saying that #1 is no longer available.

I was just going to say, but Red beat me to it, that the Mozza over in Italy/Europe is much different than our Mozza over here. I figured this out when I was in Italy trying to make a lasagne and I bought a fresh ball of mozza, brought it home, tried to grate, it and wondered what the hell was going on! I wound up slicing it and then it melted into a nice pool of creamy sauce on top of my lasagne. So, that's probably the difference. Bocconcinni might work, or the fresh mozza you get at the deli in a container with water in it - TreStelle probably makes one. Or, just add Monterey Jack instead!

Anyways, it looked like a lot of fun and your mom is so funny...The pasta looked yummy, too!

sp said...

That was very entertaining especially when your mom takes the first taste of the meal. Her reaction is great.

db and I do the same thing too. We make extra pasta so our lunches are ready to go.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Does your mom have bed head all the time or did she just wake up from a nap before you gals started cooking?

Heather said...

I shall see you in Cannes.

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