Gangs in Edmonton

Thursday, May 22, 2008
This could be the title of Martin Scorsese's next film. No word on whether DiCaprio or Day-Lewis will star. Seriously, the Edmonton Police Service announced a major bust yesterday, seizing weapons, cash and drugs. It seems that yet another gang is trying to set up shop here in the capital. This time around, it's the Independent Soldiers. Police are hoping that this will deter the gang from infiltrating the city but they didn't sound that positive during their press conference yesterday. What's one more gang on top of the 20+ that are already roaming around the city?

Ah well, I'll just focus on my garden and planters. It's not only soothing and relaxing but it's pretty and takes my mind off the fact that this city is going to hell in a handbasket.

Between the gardening, knitting, deciding on patterns for everyone, and reading the four books I have on the go (The Dark Heart of Italy, Amazonia, Stealing History, Women of the Raj), there's no worry that I'll get caught up in the lure of gang life.


Gardenia said...

I'm sooooooooooo glad you are avoiding gang life! Yay!

The plants look wonderful......absolutely beautiful.......what is the bottom plant?

I had one I thought was a weed but I kept cultivating it - a friend told me it is a watermelon! Surprise!

sp said...

Wow everything looks great! The Portulaca is beautiful.

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