Go Green Today - Ride a Bike

Friday, May 16, 2008
CNN reported this morning that today was Ride A Bike to Work day but there seems to be a bit of confusion if you Google "Ride a Bike to Work". Calgary's day was April 11th, Victoria has a whole week in June. According to Wikipedia though, it's the 3rd Friday of May, which would indeed be today. So, I encourage you all to let the car have a day off, let it sleep in a few extra hours nestled snug in the garage (on the street, in the driveway...) and pull out your battered 10-speed and start pedalling your way into the office today. If you don't own a bike (like myself) but live within reasonable distance, why not walk to work? Lots of fresh air, exercise and time to yourself without having to listen to the rest of the crazies on the bus/train, and no road rage! Do something nice for yourself, and our little green and blue planet, even if it is for just one today.

And I'm guessing that this bus driver and his eco friendly (or poor like me) passengers weren't expecting this kind of exciting when they hitched a ride the other day. I can't believe the driver started taking off down the street as he was being attacked. And I know this is asking a lot but what about the other folks on the bus? Why did they just sit there and not do anything? I'd like to think that I would have tried to help but unless put into that situation I'll never know (and hopefully will never have to find out). What is this world coming too when we have to try to anticipate all these random acts of violence???? Here in Edmonton just last month, an elderly man was attacked and killed in a parking lot in broad daylight as he was helping his wife into their car. They had just finished eating dinner in celebration of their wedding anniversary. Sick.


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