I'm Melting...MELTING!

Saturday, May 17, 2008
It may have only reached 26C today but I'm throwing in the towel. That's it. Too hot for me thanks. I long for the days of toques, extra socks, and a giant parka. Oh sure, it's helping turn everything green, the downtown farmer's market opened today, and I can start to get some sun on my pasty white legs now that they're smooth as a baby's bottom but...it's too hot too fast. It's just wrong to go from single digits with temperatures going down to near freezing overnight and then seeming to suddenly be nearing 30 as a high with not a cloud in the sky. It's not even June and the temperature is only going to drop to 20C overnight. That should be our average HIGH temperature this time of year. Ugggh. I dread what this means for late July and early August. At least there's some relief in the near future...

Hmm, that's pretty small - essentially rain on Tuesday/Wednesday and highs during the week in the teens. The only problem is the lows by next weekend....low single digits again. Ah, Alberta weather...nothing you can do but suck it up...

As I mentioned, the downtown farmer's market opened up today. Finally! We stopped in this morning on our way to the grocery store and picked up most of the fresh veg we needed there. I walked away with some amazing looking peppers (red, yellow and orange), some potatoes, and grape tomatoes that were unlike any I've had before. Firm, perfectly ripe, slight earthy taste. I almost had a shakey thing as the first little red orb exploded in my mouth. I know, I know...too much info but truly, it was a great little tomato. The place I normally get my pickled beets from didn't have any yet but the very nice lady I spoke with said I wasn't the only one looking for them. God how I love the beets.

Preparations are in the works for the blogging of tomorrow night's dinner. It probably won't appear until later in the day though as the gold medal game between Canada and Russia (IIHF World Championships) is on around lunchtime and then followed shortly after by a matinee game from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia. Considering how physical last night's game between these two teams was, the game tomorrow is bound to be more than worth it.


Wandering Coyote said...

Pretty hot today here, too, but I'm not quite sick of it - yet. After all, it was snowing here less than a month ago. Yeah. I got a bit of a sunburn yesterday and took it easier today, but I want some colour, a watch tan and a decent Birk's tan this summer, so watch out what you wish for! And we have leaves now, too!!

And...More greenery is bursting through the black soil of my indoor garden! Woo-hoo! I just can't wait to actually plant things OUTSIDE. Not yet. We'll have another frost or two before the summer's really here.

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