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Saturday, May 17, 2008
I'm currently working on a shawl for one of the ladies I work with. She's about to leave on maternity leave (yes, yet another one is leaving us) so I thought I'd give this one to her. Plus she's blonde and the colour will look lovely with her complexion. It also helps that's she's having a boy.

You might think it's a bit early but I've already started planning my holiday (winter) knitting. Trust me. I have to. I've already got 4 small items planned and that doesn't include a single member of my family! There's a bunch that will have to be mailed out (some of you might get odd emails asking for colour preferences but no clue as to what the item will be...just answer and await the surprise) so those will have to be completed first. As for the family itself, I have no idea. I'm supposed to make one of these shawls for my sister in law for her birthday in September but may put it off until Christmas and give my niece a matching one. Maybe a new hat for the nephew now that his big head (hey, it runs in the family) has outgrown the old one. A scarf for the family friend, a new lace-y scarf for the Admiral. If I have time, I wouldn't mind a shawl for the step-mother but that'll be only if I have plenty of time...which is why I'm getting started on all of this now. I'll have to make a few trips to the yarn store over the next few months to stock up.

It also dawned on me, as I struggled to remember what I had knit since last year, for whom and in what colours, that I really haven't kept very good records. I finally figured out what I needed to know but only after writing a different and long-ish post about various knitting projects. So, I'm going to have to start taking more pictures and assigning the correct person's name to them as I add them to my flickr stream. FYI, if you don't want to ruin what might be a surprise for YOU, you might want to avoid looking at my pictures over the summer. Just saying.


sp said...

I love the colour and the pattern! You're clearly a fabulous knitter. I've just started reacquainting myself with crocheting. Now if I could just finish one project I'd be happy.

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