Last Chance for del Piero

Friday, May 16, 2008
Looks like the final roster for the Italian team is going to be announced on Tuesday (*makes note in calendar*). Still no decision yet on whether Alessandro del Piero will play for the Azzurri in the Eurocup but fingers are crossed that come Tuesday, Donadoni will have some happy news for me. Some important upcoming dates:

May 20th - Italian squad announced
June 3rd - TOM JONES at the Jubilee!!!!
June 7th - Start of Eurocup 2008 final tournament


Red said...

OMG, I had forgotten about the Tom Jones concert! You must be soooo excited!

Should Del Piero not make it, may I suggest you develop a crush on Cannavaro? Or Luca Toni? Or Nesta (if he makes it, which he might not)? Even Totti, who looks a little like adventurer Bear Grylls. Believe me, there is no shortage of crush potential with the boys in the team!

sp said...

Oh yes Cannavaro. I vote for him. I think it's time for del Piero to move on and let some of the younger players to take charge. There's so many good young players coming along.

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