Meet Your Friends Halfway!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Ever wanted to meet up with your friends and family overseas but couldn't afford the cost of a plane ticket? Well now you can do it and not need to worry about the outrageous price of gas! And no, you won't get seasick off the side of a fishing trawler as you sail your way across the seas. A tunnel's been built under the Atlantic linking New York and London. Sure there's always the threat of a collapse killing hundreds of thousands but life isn't worth living if there isn't a little excitement now is there?


Gardenia said...

Traveling under the Atlantic is a claustrophobic's dream, right?

Trump said...

It's a very small world. From Amy Guth's blog, I clicked on DrMonkey Van Monkerstein's blog and from that, I click on the Bookworm collective and from THAT, I find myself here.

It's all very connected.

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