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Saturday, May 10, 2008
Hey world! Celebrated Mother's Day a bit early this year - took the parental unit to the pictures. We watched The Forbidden Kingdom. It was ok. Nothing special. Nice story line, great action sequences and fabulous to finally see longtime friends Jet Li and Jackie Chan on screen together. However, I felt the guy playing the lead role was terribly cast and someone should fire the hairstylist/wig person. Ugggh. You know when you go to see a movie and the special effects / makeup job is so obviously terrible that it takes away from the enjoyment of the film? Yep it was that way for me and the wigs. Perhaps I'm a little ultrasensitive to that aspect of films for obvious reasons but even mom said that some of them were bad with a capital B. Case in point, the Witch (played by Bingbing Li) who was supposed to have long white hair. She did. However, you could see her own hair underneath. Very distracting. However, the costumes were incredible and the casting of all the characters (except the kid) were fabulous. Collin Chou as the Jade Warlord ... perfect.

Afterwards, I made dinner - mashed potatoes (no, no volcanoes ... yet), sauteed veggies with thyme and oregano, and turkey scallopini. The thyme was a bit overpowering. I should have gone with balsamic vinegar and ginger but whatever. Live and learn. I wasn't very hungry (always happens when I cook a nice big meal) but mom thought it was delicious and had seconds.

I also figured I'd start using the various options on my digital camera especially the movie making thingy. It records sounds (although not very well) and the quality is pretty good - although I noticed that I can't zoom in or out. Oh well. To celebrate Mom's day, here's my first little video treat for everyone. I give you: My Mother.


Wandering Coyote said...

Great video, you cheeky gal you! It was cool to hear your voice, too.

I bet you don't live too far from SME now, you know? She lives in a highrise downtown.


Red said...

Your mum is an excellent sport! (But I wouldn't bend -- or even stand, probably! -- so close to the railing. Yikes.)

You have a super-sexy accent, btw.

Captain Karen said...

RED: Me? Super sexy? Why thank you! I wouldn't stand so close when we first moved in but now? I practically ang off the side.

COYOTE: Yes, yes, SME and I had discussed getting together once she got back from Taiwan...I should get on that one of these days. And Cheeky? Is that some sort of shot at my mom's butt? Hee hee :) Thanks!

sp said...

Great video. You voice sounded as I expected it would. How funny is that?

Portulaca is such a lovely plant.

Milla said...

Your mum is so funny!! Very nice video, thank you for posting it.

P.S. Great view!

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