Ooooh Mail!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
I received a little parcel today, thanks to the ever-fabulous Red and *Asterisk.

They always send the most interest packages.

Forza Azzurri!

What a great parcel! There was a copy of K2 with Michael Biehn (Red and I share a fascination with mountain climbing), a postcard showing Don Quixote (one of my fave books), a CD of great Italian music to play at work and get everyone in the mood for when Italy kicks ass during Eurocup next month, and a book, The Dark Heart of Italy. I don't know much about Italy other than what most people think of: pasta, football, designer clothes, Roman ruins, gorgeous people, art, opera, Red, get the idea. I know about the ancient history but what about more recent events? Nothing. I'm excited to dive into this little book and discover the side tourists don't normally see. And, of course, eat some great pasta while doing so. Perhaps I'll make the pasta alle norma recipe Red sent me. Mmmm.

Oh, and I almost forgot! A quick bilingual cheat sheet of phrases to shout during the games. It includes words of encouragement for our boys in blue as well as a few zingers to throw at the opposing teams and referees. This is going to be fun!


Wandering Coyote said...

I know from experience how wonderful it is to receive something in the mail that isn't a bill!!

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