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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
I have one can of Coke left in the house. It will be the last coke I have. Ever. I know, I know! I've said this before but this morning, I'd had enough of the torture it inflicts upon my body. As effective as water boarding and blaring Yoko Ono music for hours on end, the morning ritual of nose blowing was just too much for me.

I've discussed this before - my brother, who has for most of his adult life been the phlegmy-est person I know, noticed a huge difference when he gave up cola (he still drinks the occasional gingerale). Still slightly snotty but much less than before. I too have noticed the difference on the mornings after days I didn't drink cola. It's been a bad weekend for me and the sugary syrupy dark elixir. I bought a case (12 cans) on Saturday morning and I now have one left. Yes folks, that's how much I've drunk this weekend. We're not even counting the calories, that's a whole other issue. I've spent the past few nights tossing and turning, struggling to fall asleep and then when I's in little bits and I awake more tired than when I went to bed. Last night? I didn't fall asleep until midnight!!! ME! I'm usually asleep by 930, 10 on a late night. And then there's the phlegm.

My family is a one of sneezers with, at times, seemingly non-stop runny noses. Kleenex? We should buy shares in the company (no I still haven't bought my Hankettes yet...I'm working on it). I awaken in the morning expecting to blow my nose a couple of times to clear out the cobwebs that have accumulated over night. This morning? Let's just say the box is now half empty and it was barely used when I woke up. Yep, it's been THAT bad. My poor little proboscis can't take it anymore. Nor can I afford the amount of tissues being used to clear the stuffiness in my head. Not to mention the effect on the environment from all the trees which have been cut down in order to staunch the flow coming from my nostrils.

Even the Admiral commented on how much I had drunk this weekend. "I thought you were giving up pop" she said last night. Yeah yeah, I told her...whatever. However, now that my nose is raw, my garbage can full of used tissues, and a headache from all the caffeine and sugar I've had this weekend...done. Thank you very much for visiting but you've overstayed your welcome. Adios cola. Arrivederci soda.

Both Candy Minx and Gardenia wrote really great posts this past weekend about eating organic, natural foods. It made me think of the amount of processed foods I eat. Sure, not as much as some but it's still there. Remember way back to when you were a kid (Ok, for my generation that was 30 years ago but try, ok?)? For my family, it meant family dinners with real potatoes (not from a box), some sort of vegetable (sure some of it was canned), and meat. It wasn't until we were nearing the teen years that we started with the Kraft Dinner, instant jello puddings, stuff that came in a box. And their generation? Always fresh. Usually from their own gardens.

Candy made a point about how she rarely eats out anymore. It's not because she can't afford it. It's because (a) you never really know what you're getting and (b) why pay for what you can make at home - often with fresher ingredients and which tastes much better. She's absolutely right. I can make spaghetti at home. I can make pizza, burgers, stirfries, etc. I'm not going to deny that I enjoy going out for a big breakfast of eggs, toast, hashbrowns, etc. but truthfully I could make it if I bothered. I remember every Sunday our parents would make fruit filled crepes, bacon, toast, homemade waffles, etc. I'm lucky if I bother to heat up the leftovers from the night before as opposed to eating them cold.
Its my hope that the experiment with the garden works out. It makes eating fresh and organic so much easier (and cheaper). What's a little hard work and dirt compared to the prices paid, and the damage done to the environment and our bodies, for all that prepackaged, processed foods which are shipped thousands of km?
If you haven't already started, why not try growing your own this summer? Even if it's just in a little pot on a balcony or a small square in the corner of your yard. Or, if it's not possible, pick up some locally grown produce from your nearest farmer's market. You won't regret it.


Wandering Coyote said...

Expect this to be like any addiction and to have the usual withdrawal symptoms - shaking, irritability, fatigue, dextox, etc. It will be hard, but you CAN do it! Good for you to give quitting another go.

Wandering Coyote said...

BTW, FSP is back at Harper Valley.

Red said...

Soda is bad and evil, and you will do your body a world of good giving it up. I was never much of a pop drinker (my parents wouldn't allow it in the house while I was growing up, I had my first coke on a trip to England with college, can you believe it?!), but even my can a week would trigger horrible IBS episodes.

Plus, you did watch that Mark Thomas documentary, didn't you?

* (asterisk) said...

Girl, when I was about 19, I used to drink about seven cans of "soda" (mostly Coke) every day. The one day, counting the pennies, I decided to go cold turkey. The effect this had on my body, most specifically my legs, was bizarre. I felt constant weakness, as though my legs weren't strong enough to carry me, craving that sugary fix. I stood my ground and never looked back.

Fizzy drinks are evil. These days I have one now and again, on a hot summer's day perhaps, but I don't know how people can drink Coke with a meal, for example.

And not only that. Coca-Cola are slave-labour employers. If that's not a good enough reason to give up that shit, what is?

SME said...

Hmm, I didn't know there was a cola-mucous link. I've cut down a lot and can't say I've noticed many changes in myself. Not that you shouldn't give up soda if you want to - it is the Devil's Sap, after all!

sp said...

Giving up coffee was one of the hardest things I've ever done so I know it's not going to be easy for you, but you can do it and when you do you will feel so much better.
Just get through the tough days. You can do it!

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