Porco Miseria! **

Friday, May 02, 2008
Donadoni still hasn't called up del Piero to play on the Italian National team for Eurocup '08. Come on!!!! What's he waiting for? I know, he's just trying to make it exciting, make me wait for the news until right before the tournament begins...yeah that's it...Arrrrrgggghhh. This is not good for my chances at our office pool or for decorating my desk alle Azzurri!

** I actually had something a bit more vulgar in mind but thought it best not to insult my Italian readers. Thank you, Alberto (whereever you are), for teaching me words sure to get me beat up should I ever end up in Italia...


Red said...

Del Piero is what we in Italy call a "pippa": a lot of hot air. He is old, too, so I hope he doesn't make the cut. As long as we have Luca Toni and Cannavaro, we'll be alright.

BTW, it's "porca miseria" (with two As).

PS: I'm working on your parcel as I type. I'm hoping to send it to you next week. But there won't be much in the way of decorating materials... not as easy as I thought it would be to find something here. Plus, I guess the Engles want to forget that the European Cup is even happening, without selling merch for the other teams that DID make it to the finals!

Captain Karen said...

Nuts! It's an "a" because "miseria" is feminine, correct? If I had used the first word that had popped to mind it would likely have been "porco"...but that would have been a bad phrase indeed.

Old? OLD? He's only 33! That makes me feel ancient as I'm 35... Hot air? Really? Ah well, he's still yummy.

Ah the English. Sad that they didn't advance further but it was just not meant to be I guess. If you can't find anything don't worry about it. Milla is going to be in Italy just before the tournament and has also offered to have a look around. She's also working on a plan to stuff Alex into a box and ship him to me if he doesn't make the team. :)

Red said...

Well, Del Piero is "old" for a professional football player. Beckham too. Fabietto (Cannavaro) would be also, but he is a defender, so I think he can get away with his advancing years better than a striker.

And yes, your grammatical analysis is spot on!

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