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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
I received the oddest phone call last night. Ok, not sooo odd but it was just strange. I have been eagerly checking the mail each day to see if my damage deposit (if there is any left) has been returned to me. I moved out early, vaccuumed (even though I was told I didn't have to), washed the floors, etc. Sure, I didn't wash walls or windows and forgot a bunch of stuff in the door of the fridge (alas poor Strongbow, I knew you well...and now I'm kicking myself for leaving you behind) but something should be coming back to me. I lived there for 7 years for pete's sake! Anyways, back to the phone call.

It was from the building manager of my former residence. He was calling to say that the carpet/lino guys had just finished and returned the keys, and he noticed I hadn't cleaned the stove or the fridge. In my defence, I did both (but see above for the fridge). There was stuff stuck on the window of the stove that I couldn't get off despite cleaning it twice and I told him this (the rest of the stove was spotless, thank you very much). He then asked me....prepare yourselves...if I wanted to come back and finish the job before the new tenant moved in on June 1st. Seriously. He did.

He explained that he didn't have time to do it and that if I couldn't they'd probably have to hire somone to come in. Struggling to keep from erupting into fits of hysterical laughter, I told him that was fine as I didn't have the time to come back and do it. In all fairness, he was trying to be nice and keep me from losing part of my damage deposit and I do appreciate his concern (he and his wife were the best building managers I've ever dealt with). I was more shocked than anything as anywhere else I've lived, they would have just gone ahead and done it, charged me for it, and returned the remainder of the deposit without so much as a "How do you do?". It made my evening.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wonder if the Strongbow would have still been there, had you chosen to go back.

sp said...

I was wondering the same thing.

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