Work is Hell

Thursday, May 08, 2008
Wait...that's war. Yeah war is hell. Work is just hell-ish.

I'm cranky, bitchy, sore, tired and would like to punch a couple of people in the vicinity of my desk. What better time to give everyone an update on the work situation!

A certain someone went on an early mat leave which we were all expecting but it's still a bit frustrating as the powers that be haven't hired anyone to replace her for the year she's gone. What does that mean, you ask? Why it means I get to do two jobs for at least the next month! This captain is one lucky paper pusher! But wait, before y'all get t0o excited, I don't get the salary of both jobs...just the workload, hassel and all-round crap that comes with them.

Don't get me wrong. I complain about my job, most people do. But deep down I enjoy it, I like the people I work with (for the most part) and the pay is pretty darn good. The problem is that the workload for everyone has essentially doubled since the new big boss arrived. And the new boss is particular. Understandable given her situation and our last boss was a bit of a ... slacker's not quite the right word but previous boss wasn't as particular shall we say. People with similar jobs but at different levels than mine have been putting in 12 + hour days some days or longer. So essentially my workload has doubled and I'm now doing the job of two fulltime employees so ... I have quadruple the workload? Ok maybe not that much but you get the idea.

It's also incredibly difficult to do your job at all, let alone well, when other areas don't follow through on stuff their supposed to do. ARRRGGGHHH. It's gotten so bad with a certain group of "support" people that today I called someone a bitch...not to their face mind you but I said it in front of people I work for and with. Surprisingly, they all agreed. And no, it wasn't the new boss.

Some good news in the employment field. Our area has gotten praise from two relatively important heads of other departments about the quality of the work we're putting out. They also made a point of saying that the other groups have not been so successful. Yay us. On a personal note, I found out that the person I'm currently filling in for has been doing things incorrectly for months. When another coworker asked the person we submit work to about the right way of doing it, she was told "The way the Captain does it. She knows what she's doing." Made me feel pretty good to know that while I feel as though my head is going to explode from an overload, I'm still producing quality work. Suh-weet.

Supposedly they were doing interviews this week to replace the mat leave person. Unfortunately not all of the ones scheduled showed up (for various reasons). I was discussing the situation with fellow cubicle slave and I told them that I fully expected them to not be able to find someone to replace soon to be not-so-pregnant worker and that I'd end up covering for the next couple of months. I was rewarded with a look that said "um....yeah....I didn't want to say anything but...". You know the look. Just wait, it'll happen.

So, you'll have to forgive me if, over the next few weeks or so, I seem a bit distracted, preoccupied or just plain bitchy. Don't worry, it'll pass. Once we get a stopper for the tub and I can finally have a bubble bath, I'll be a bit better. If I start making volcanoes out of my mashed potatoes with gravy for lava, then you might want to start worrying. Just a little bit. Really become concerned when I start making mini villagers out of peas and begin sacrificing them to the great spud gods.


SME said...

Well, the situation sucks big-time, but I don't think you're in mashed potato-volcano territory just yet. Hang in there!

Gardenia said...

I woke up this morning and in my morning mind ramblings I was thinking of a job I had where the others didn't "Know how" to the the accountings, so they gave them all to me....when we had grown to over one hundred clients I was completely, totally overwhelmed and working long, long days as well. Then everyone else went on vacations - not me. I got cranky after I had to carry the boss's pager night after night, holiday after holiday. Seems like where ever I work, there is not enough help, people either can't or won't do their share and the load gets bigger and the hours get longer - so yeh, I will really understand if you get bitchy and will totally overlook it! One thing positive though - they realize that you have it going on - anyway, lets just hope for a temp to come in for your coworker.

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