Friday, June 13, 2008
Arrrgghh. Italy tied their game today against Romania. They would have won if it waasn’t for that stupid off-side rule (don’t get me started). In a little while, France is going to take on the Netherlands. Based on the current standings, France is going to have to lose. Which means Holland will be pretty much guaranteed an advance into the next round. I’m ok with that. If France loses, they’ll be tied with Italy with one point. The last game of this round for their group is played on Tuesday (yay, I got another day off!!!) and we’ll have to win. No draws allowed. And the Netherlands will HAVE to beat (again no draw) Holland in order for us to advance. The odds are not stacked in the Azzurri’s favour….

Other groups:

Group A: Portugal will definitely advance and I’m hoping the Czech Republic does too (watch out for the underdog Turkey though…)

Group B: Croatia, surprisingly, will advance and Germany will likely advance as well unless they get caught with their pants down as they did against Croatia.

Group D: So far it looks as though Greece and Spain will advance but you never know. This group plays their second games tomorrow (Saturday) and it will be interesting to see what happens.

If Italy doesn’t advance but Spain does, I’ll go with Spain to win, possibly Portugal although I detest Ronaldo.


mister anchovy said...

I live in an area of Toronto sometimes known as Little Azores (many of the Portuguese people in Toronto are from those Islands), so since Poland (my mom was born there) never wins, I cheer for Portugal. When in Little Azores, do as the little Azoreans do, I say. Go Portugal!

Q said...

Mediterranian players cry like babies to get an advantage then go home and beat their families, I prefer northern teams that are more manly, go Netherlands.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm still backing Germany. With or without their pants.

Red said...

I'm a bit gutted about Italy, but it's also nice to have upsets, see the status quo challenged, you know. And it was so nice to see France lose last night! Hahahaaa!

If Italy doesn't make it, I feel I ought to support Germany (family connections). But my heart will be more with Spain, Portugal or Croatia, even.

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