Thursday, June 05, 2008

As predicted, the Penguins couldn’t hold off the RedWings and Detroit is the new Stanley Cup champs. Ah well, I suppose that’s alright. They were the best team in the regular season after all. I’m not upset although I would have liked it to go one more game. No more hockey now until the fall. Hopefully the Oilers will have a better season than they did last year… But that doesn’t mean the end of hockey NEWS. It seems that we may have heard the last of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song. The agreement between the song’s composer and the CBC has ended and the network has said it will not enter into a new agreement. It’s a sad day in Canada. For almost 40 years, we’ve been greeted with the same theme song before the start of televised hockey on CBC. It just won’t be the same without it.

Staying with sports, Saturday marks the start of the final rounds of Eurocup 2008. I am soooo excited. As you know, I’m cheering for Italy along with fellow blogger buddy Red. Her husband has been noticeably silent regarding the tournament. Hmmm, I wonder why. Sorry, *Asterisk, I’m just teasing. I would have loved to see England make the tournament as well. This Saturday, I’ll likely be tuning in to watch the Portugal game and then on Monday…Italy’s first match against the Netherlands (provided my day off from work is correct). Reserve your favourite spot in front of the telly or flip your computer on (supposedly you can watch all the games live online at TSN…not sure if it works for those of you outside of Canada but give it a try). I know folks who are cheering for Germany but that’s it. Anyone cheering for Greece? Switzerland? Austria? Russia? Come on folks, speak up!

I’m in a much better mode today – the funk isn’t so funky anymore although I’m still a bit on the “whatever” side. Something that has upset me though is a court case that’s been going on here in Alberta. No, not the Svekla murder trial. That’s finished and he was found guilty of one murder (2nd degree) but not of the other. Unfortunately for the family, I have to agree based on what’s been reported in the media - we all know how reliable that is. However, there is a huge difference, even when it comes to circumstantial evidence, between “stumbling” over a dead body in a field and carting one around in your hockey bag and asking your family to watch it for you. No, the trial I’m talking about is a case of animal cruelty which took place in Camrose. A group of teens broke into a house whose human occupants had gone away over Christmas. The first night, the teens broke items, stole others and then left. They returned the next night and continued their mayhem, topping off their reign of terror by taking the household pet, a cat named Princess, tossing her in the microwave and turning it on for 10 minutes. I’ll leave it at that. The CBC went into greater detail in their news broadcast and I wanted to throw up. Two of the teens have plead guilty but thanks to our fabulous justice system, they will likely not do any jail time as this is their first offence. Hmmm. Doesn’t most of the literature out their suggest that violence towards animals, including family pets, is the first step towards becoming more violent? Look at most serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer tortured and killed animals before moving onto human victims. And then he began eating them. I’m disgusted with our legal system. Hey, here's an idea. Let's toss one of those teenagers into a microwave for 10 minutes and see what happens. That seems fair. Excuse me, I'm off to write a letter to my Member of Parliament...


Red said...

That is sick beyond words. And I share your contempt for the way justice is meted out in Canada. Here in the UK, they would get away with a slap of the wrist whether it was their first offence or not, because our courts seem to think animal abuse is a trivial issue.

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