Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Spain, much to my surprise, defeated Germany 1-0. I'm pretty happy. While I didn't really want to cheer for Spain, as I've mentioned before I just couldn't bring myself to cheer for Germany so, as long as they didn't win it was a good day. The game was pretty interesting although the Germans didn't seem to be playing very well at all. Spain definately deserved to win, they were by far the better team today. Germany didn't even come close (ok, maybe once) to scoring a goal. The biggest excitement for them was when Ballack split his eyebrow open after an unintentional headbutt with Spain's Senna. No need to be sad though, now that the tournament is over. We've got almost two years of qualifying games to get through before World Cup 2010 gets under way!!! However, I won't be innundating you with the results of each and every game. I'll be focusing on Canada, Italy and England's progress through the preliminary rounds. I'm not going to bother picking a team from Africa (yet) or one from South America (at all). As for Asia, I might just pick Iran. Why? Why not? And Oceania? I don't think there's really a point is there?

It's 30C outside today but the humidity makes it seem like 33C. It was 28C yesterday. And it's supposed to be 30C again tomorrow. I didn't sign on for this sort of heat. Where's the snow? Where's the blizzards? I'm melting. Someone get a sponge.

Mugabe has "won" (cough cough) another 5 year term as president of Zimbabwe. Its not really that difficult when you torture people supporting your former opponent, threaten them and their families with guns/violence, and force people to vote for you. I'm surprised that he only received 85% of the vote. The world jumps at the chance to impose their views on places like Iraq, sending in troops, destroying the country, killing civilians and soldiers alike creating an even worse problem that existed before they arrived but...why are they not jumping to the aid of the people of Zimbabwe caught up in Mugabe's mess? Or sending troops to help people in Darfur? Hello? United Nations? This is Captain Karen from Canada calling. Get off your collective asses and do something please?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I totally agree about Mugabe. He's the type of thug our idiot President supports because he's "good for business." It's disgraceful.

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