Football Update

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Whew! What a huge relief! Italy eliminated France (2-0) and advances to the quarterfinals as the Netherlands also defeated Romania (2-0). I don't know about the Romania game as I wasn't watching, but the Italy match was pretty exciting. Toni had a number of missed shots on goal (he seems to be having a lot of those lately) and there seemed to be quite a large number of yellow cards given out. Sadly, del Piero didn't even set foot on the grass. Sheesh. Ah well. Buffon made some great saves for the Azzurri as well to keep the French off the scoreboard. Next up, we'll meet Spain in the quarterfinals on Sunday. I feel bad for Germany (and my co-worker who's cheering for them) as they're set to face Portugal on Thursday.

And there's only 723 days until the start of World Cup 2010! Eeek! Canada is listed as one of 35 teams in North/Central America trying to secure one of 3.5 spots (how on earth do you fill 3 and a HALF spots?). While it's nice to see that we're at least trying to take part...the odds are stacked against us. Especially since we're not really known for our football/soccer abilities.


harpervalley said...

what, no mention of the only soccer player i know, pele?????? he must be what, 70 something now :D

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

This post is Wordwang!

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