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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
I’ve been awake since 3:23 am. And I have the scratches to prove it. Stupid #$%@&*$ cats. Alas I cannot blame them…well, not completely. I had left my laptop on as it was busy doing stuff when I went to bed and I was awakened a few times by the joyous (usually) sound of some jackass YAHOOOOO-OOOOOing me in the middle of the night. Stupid #$%@&*$ spammers. Arrggghhhh. By four, I figured what the hell, I’ll get up. So I did. It should be illegal to be awake that early unless you work nights.

A further update to the knitting projects. Yep, most of them are no longer happening. Crap. I sat down and had a serious look at what needed to get done and what I wanted to get done in time for the winter holidays and it just wasn’t going to be possible. Plus a few of the projects I started recently are turning out to be crap so they’re getting shelved. Mom’s secretly happy – more free yarn for her. I’m now down to birthday gifts for the niece, sister in law, and the Admiral, a Christmas gift for a friend, and possibly a gift for another friend. Unfortunately my blogger buddies, that means chances are there will be no knitting for any of you this winter. My sincerest apologies. That doesn’t mean there won’t be packages of goodies sent out to some of you…just no handmade goodies to keep you toasty warm. If only I knew how (and had the patience) to make socks. Who am I kidding? I hate wearing socks, why would I make them?

One of my coworkers just made my day. She was having a crappy morning (as we all do it seems) and within 5 minutes I had her laughing so much she had tears streaming down her face. She said it was just what she needed and was glad that I make her smile every day. Awwww schucks. I don’t do it intentionally, it’s just the kind of wacky coo-coo bird I am. I like to make people happy (she wondered why I wasn’t married…don’t go there) and am just naturally a perky, upbeat Go Go Gadget kinda gal. It’s nice to hear though. It was just what I needed.

A couple of students moved into the apartment below us. And they smoke. They don’t smoke inside their apartment though, they smoke out on their balcony. This means that whenever they’re out there puffing away, it blows up onto our balcony and into our open doors and windows. Very nice. I’ve been making loud passive-aggressive comments right before slamming the doors/windows closed so they get the hint. I’d rather through a water balloon onto them as they pollute the air (and that of those around them) but I’d get in trouble. And yes, I know it’s slightly hypocritical as I have been a smoker but I think that makes it worse for me. I’m able to detect even the slightest scent whereas the Admiral barely notices. Perhaps I’m just oversensitive. I’ll be very grateful when they eventually make it illegal to smoke anywhere except in your home. Did you know it’s illegal to smoke in the street in Tokyo? That’s it, I’m moving. Remember back when people used to smoke in their offices or at their desks? No? Neither do so I’m not that old yet. But they did. I can’t even begin to imagine what that must have been like….

Anyways, I’m trying to wake up still. All I want to do is lie down and close my eyes while listening to CBC radio. Or maybe the BBC. Unfortunately I can’t so bugger off, will ya? You people wear me out. Tee hee.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I remember when people smoked at their desks, because I AM that old.

My neighbour has his bbq right against the fence so that all the greasy smoke blows into my bedroom window. That's not quite as bad as cigarette smoke, but when your pillow smells like somebody else's porkchops, that's kinda gross.

Red said...

I remember when you could smoke in the Underground in London. Then the King's Cross Fire happened, and they put a stop to that.

Smoking is a stinking habit no matter where or how you do it. But I don't think you need to go as far as Tokyo... isn't it illegal to smoke in LA as well?

Captain Karen said...

Barb: Porkchop pillows are some folks' dream. Me? No but perhaps Mr. H. J. Simpson. And you're not THAT old.

Red: Here in Edmonton its illegal to smoke in public buildings (malls, offices, librarys, etc) and you have to be at least 5 metres from any public entrance or air intake valve (ha, no one does though).

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