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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Have you ever had one of "those" days? You know the ones. Days where those daydreams about "going postal" in the middle of your office start to look really appealing? No? Just me then? Ok, fair enough. It was one of those days for me yesterday. Despite my numerous objections, protestations, and begging, the one in charge has decided that our area will take on a huge responsibility which is currently being handled (quite well thank you) by another area. Perhaps I should clarify what that really means. I will be taking on this huge responsibility as the rest of the team is far too busy and it will pile up on top of the two fulltime jobs I'm currently undertaking (and only getting paid for one). When you combine that with all of the crap that will pile up on my desk while I'm covering vacations in another part of the office (much higher up the cubicle food chain) for the summer, I'm sure I'm being set up to have a massive coronary by the beginning of September. Perhaps I should take up smoking again and hasten the process along.

My sister is jetting off to the Netherlands on Friday to visit her "boyfriend". She calls him her boyfriend. Methinks he might think of her as a fuck buddy. Pardon mon français. Let me explain. They met here at an international military (air force) training event called Maple Flag (ooh, can't get much more Canadian than that....). Essentially, fighter pilots, navigators, and their ground crews come to this little corner of the world and train with other piolots, navigators, and their ground crews from all over the world. Growing up I remember summers being filled with vanloads of Americans, Brits, and Germans everywhere we went. Once I was old enough, my friends and I would occasionally party with some of them. And, as happens each and every summer for more summers than I care to remember, some of them spend their weeks here hooking up with one or more of the local girls. No, I was not one of THOSE girls. I was the one who'd get the whispered phone calls at 5 in the morning begging for me to go and pick up my friends from the international barracks before their bed buddies woke up ("I'll meet you outside...I'll be walking along the highway...look for me!"). Yes, I was the geeky one of the group. However, I did learn that not everything is big in Texas but there are a large number of big things in Australia. No word on the Brits. Germany, according to some, was just average. Back to my sister...

I really do hope that this works out for her. My sister's had a pretty rough time of it in the romance department over the past couple of years - surprising considering she's only 21. Married AND divorced already. Thankfully no kids. She seems to think it's love. Long distance relationships are hard though. I know. I was involved in one a few years ago and it did not end well. He turned into a jackass and I became even more cynical about love but that's a whole other story I don't like to discuss. At least we were on the same continent. He's on the other side of the world. How are they going to see each other? Mind you, she lives at home, has few bills, works in the Oil Patch, and doesn't have a student loan (unlike myself). She's got tons of money I'm guessing so flying to Holland every few months or so shouldn't be a problem. And, there's the example of my friend L from the insurance company. She met some guy from Germany and they did the same thing (although not, thankfully, at the shagfest known as Maple Flag) and they're getting married in September. Go figure. I suppose it is possible, difficult, but possible. Good luck to her and this fellow. Just don't expect a gift for the wedding...I'm still waiting for the thank you card from the first one. Did that sound bitter? I'm not. Really. No, seriously, I'm not! You believe me, right?

Wednesday's draw for Lotto 6/49 is approximately $30 million (about 15 million GBP or 19 million Euros). I should buy a ticket although I won't win. Got to get the next jackpot up so some lucky *&^#er in Ontario can retire at the age of 25...

Oooh Football news! One of the local morning shows was reporting this morning that in the 3rd stage of North American qualifying, Canada will play Mexico in their round robin in October...HERE IN EDMONTON. Could be a bit chilly but I'll have to see if I can swing a couple of tickets. My Germany-loving friend will be away at grad school in Scotland by then but I'm sure I can find someone to go with me.

There's talk about starting to mine for Uranium in the Athabasca basin here in Alberta. This ruined what started out as a good morning. And where exactly in Alberta is this? Surprise! It's right near Fort Chipewyan which already has enough problems thanks to the Oil Sands projects just upriver from them. High rates of rare cancers, poor drinking water, loss of wildlife, environmental name it. And now they're talking about mining. And not underground mining which might preserve a bit of the landscape. Nope, that's too expensive. They're considering open pit mining.

Well, at least the sunrise this morning was worth getting up for.


Gardenia said...

Ah, Karen, I don't know what love is, and I'm an old dude-ess. The sparks end, maybe love is commitment to stand by no matter what, to help the other be a betters person, I don't know. Love the electrical current parts, but they are so transient. I hope your sister finds someone who treats her well.

Sorry about the poison plant ..... I have been looking for something and think I found it to at least keep my indoor air clean. They are talking of drilling off our Gulf here too. At least we can sleep in clean air. We are wearing our earth out.

Well, try not to worry so much - well, on the other hand, someone has to do it, right?

Have a super day.

Wandering Coyote said...

Great picture!

But, aren't you moving to a different office for the summer?

I'm sorry your Monday was shitty, and I hope today and the rest of the week look up.

I hope Gracey hasn't been pestering you...Let me know if she does...I'm keeping track, OK?

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