Quarterfinal #4 Underway - Live Blogging Attempt.

Sunday, June 22, 2008
The teams are taking the field and I have a feeling it's going to be a great match. How nice to see the teams ahead of time joking with each other and being lighthearted about it. Good stuff.

I get some lunch.

Buffon makes an easy save.

Yellow card to Iniesta (Spain). Ooops.

Everyone is really really sweaty.

Italy head butts the ball right into the Spanish goal keeper. Nuts
(No, not into his nuts...)

Free kick for Spain....Good save by Buffon.

Yellow card for Ambrosini (Italy).

Another save for Buffon.

A perfect set up shot and Toni misses the headbutt for Italy. Nuts. Poor Toni, he's not having a very good tournament.

Spain shoots ... wide.

Spanish player takes a dive.

Half time (one minute of extra time). Still no score. I can go to the bathroom. Whew.

I won't be live blogging the 2nd half - too difficult to do both.


Red said...

There's a reporter for The Guardian who does it for every episode of The Apprentice. How does she do it without missing any of the funny lines?!? (Of which there were many.)

Well done for trying -- I can totally see how this would be quite hard to do.

Red said...

PS: Do you think that if we'd kept up our Italy match tradition to call each other, we would have gone through?

Captain Karen said...

Far too difficult. If the clock would stop now and then as it does in other sports, it wouldn't be so bad. As for the phone call, the thought had crossed my mind but sadly I think it might be the presence of del Piero. They subbed him in during the game against the Dutch which they lost, they didn't use him in the game against France and they won, and yesterday he was subbed in again. We all know now how that turned out. He should have just come to Canada to hang with me rather than going to Austria/Switzerland...

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