A Sad Start and an Unexpected Finish

Monday, June 09, 2008
Well, the match is over and Italy fell to the Netherlands 3-0. Now I must go back to work and endure the taunting of my fellow cubicle gophers as they tease me mercilessly. Actually there'll only be one person but she already emailed me to rub it in... Grrrrrr. To be fair, Holland did play a better game than Italy and many of the Azzurri had some great shots on goal including Toni and del Piero (*sigh*). Non posso credere che non abbiano iniziato del Piero. Now, with France and Romania tying earlier today in what could easily be the biggest snooze fest of the tournament (seriously, it really was THAT boring), Italy is at the bottom of their Group. If they loose their next game, that's it. Time to head home. Dear god, who would have thought? No, it will not happen. Positive thoughts. The'll come back and win their next game and their final match in this round and advance, along with the Netherlands to the next. Fingers, toes, and my penne noodles are crossed...

In other sports news, CTV (NOT CBC, the home of Hockey Night in Canada) has acquired the rights to The Hockey Theme in perpetuity. Needless to say I'm stunned. They don't even show hockey games on CTV. This makes me, and I'm sure thousands of other Canadians out there, very sad. No definate word on what we'll hear next season when we turn on the telly to watch our favourite teams take to the ice.


Wandering Coyote said...

CTV owns TSN, so that's probably where they'll play the tune. And at the 2010 Olympics.

As Tom Harrington of CBC said on air earlier today re. this developments: Hockey Night in Canada made the theme song famous; the theme song didn't make HNIC famous. Ron McLean and Don Cherry will still be back next season, and HNIC will still be around for at least another 6 years on CBC.

Gardenia said...

Oh, I am so dense when it comes to sports - !!!!!

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