Uh Oh

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Great. Just great. First one of the year I think for us. Hopefully it won't turn into anything...


Wandering Coyote said...


I'd take snow any day over a tornado threat. I hope it doesn't happen. If it does, I hope you get some wicked pics and then take cover.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They are starting early this year, aren't they? Damned climate change.

Red said...

Uh oh, indeed. Make sure the kittens are indoors, make yourself and the Admiral a stiff drink and sit it out. How many more floors are above you? Will the building sway in the wind? Eek.

Captain Karen said...

Barb: It does seem early doesn't it. Usually it's July and August I thought. Thankfully it didn't amount to much. One funnel cloud near a lake somewhere but it only lasted a minute or so. And no one hurt. Whew!

Red: No stiff drinks for us but we did stay indoors as did the kitties. Only one floor above us but the building's made almost entirely of concrete so I think we're pretty good. Either that or we're going to end up in a big heap of rubble. What are ya going to do?

Coyote: I LOVE a great thunderstorm but yes, tornados not so much. When I was working in a small town during university one summer, a twister touched down just on the edge of the town - right near the edge I lived in - it was scary but creepily awesome at the same time. In the long run though, yes, I think I'd prefer snow as well. Hopefully your garden's surviving alright.

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