75. Faust Eric - Terry Pratchett

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Eric is the Discworld's only demonology hacker. Pity he's not very good at it.

Twelve year old Eric Thursley wants what every other adolescent boy wants: to be immortal, to rule the world and have the most beautiful woman in the world fall madly in love with him. So, he does what any other teenage boy dabbling in demonology does: he summons a demon to grant him three wishes. Unfortunately, Eric's hasn't quite perfected the art of calling creatures from the various circles of hell to do his bidding and doesn't exactly end up with a demon. What he DOES end up summoning (thanks to a one in a million chance) is the Discworld's most inept wizard, Rincewind.

While he may not be a demon, somehow Rincewind has acquired the ability to grant Eric his wishes. The only problem? The wishes turn out to be exactly what Eric's asked for. The two (and the eternally faithful luggage) are on the run for their lives through time, space and Hell itself from stone-age heathens bent on bloody sacrifice and a Demon lord with a fondness for potted plants, interoffice memos, and top notch customer service.

Faust Eric is the 9th Discworld novel I've read so far and Rincewind is fast becoming my favourite recurring character (although I'm eagerly awaiting the reappearance of the City Watch). It's also the shortest so far at only 155 pages which meant I finished it off a day and a half. Another hilarious adventure from Terry Pratchett. Definately Captain recommended!!!


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