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Thursday, July 24, 2008
I'm still completely confused about breakfast. A google search did not help. From what I've gathered (from you, O Great and Knowledgable Bloggers and, of course, the interweb), the Full English Breakfast is the same is a "Fry Up". Correct? And this breakfast choice has a variety of ingredients depending on who makes it, your own preference, etc including such things as eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, black pudding... Ok. If that's what a Full English/Fry Up is, then I get it. Fair enough. So what is this Eggs, Bacon, Chips and Beans? Is it a special type of breakfast or simply a variant of the fry up? Arrrgggggh. Thankfully we pirates have it easy when we be at sea: hardtack and gruel is all we be eating, with a bottle or two of rum to be washing it down with. This will haunt me until I die, I'm sure. I should probably just give up on the whole dumb question. This sort of food will kill you anyways.

Speaking of breakfast, our department had its annual Klondike breakfast today (not to be confused with the Premier's free Capital Ex Pancake Breakfast earlier this week). The name is a bit of a misnomer as we have it at lunchtime and the summer festival which is on at the same time of year (hence the name) is no longer called Klondike Days. Imagine if you will, serving dishes piled high full of sausages, bacon and larger than texas-toast sized pieces of french toast which has been marinated in the batter for 24 hours and then cooked in seven (yes 7) pounds of butter. Note that each piece isn't cooked in 7 pounds of butter - that's a total amount but it still makes your ateries harden just thinking about it. We threw in some fresh fruit platters as well to make people think the meal wasn't as unhealthy as it truly was but I doubt anyone was fooled. About an hour after eating, my body retaliated to the gastronomic attack I unleashed upon it. Uggggh. Every year, after eating some of this monstrosity, I tell myself that I won't eat the toast next year but when it finally rolls around again, I do. Does anyone have any Lipitor?

Has anyone else almost stopped watching television this summer? Just me perhaps? I've found that since the start of July, I've been tending to avoid the television after the six o'clock news. It's all reruns and reality shows anyways. Instead, I've been reading like there's no tomorrow. So far this month, four books. And I'm about to finish the fifth tonight. Then it's another short Discworld novel which will get me through the weekend and onto number seven on Monday. I'm hoping to polish off that one (or at least most of it) by the end of the month. Seems I've finally managed to get my hands on a few books that don't suck. Nice. When I was off last week, I had placed a hold on a number of books at the local library (most of which did, indeed, suck). There's still three I'm waiting for and on one of them, there are 34 people ahead of me. That one had better be worth it. In the meantime, I've gone back to also ordering books through the work library which has an agreement with the post-secondary libraries in the province. I'll have to see if any of the books on my wish list are available there. Sigh. When I die, can someone scatter my ashes in a book store?

Thanks to the broken underwire, I'm heading out early on Saturday morning to buy a new bra. Hopefully all goes well - it can be a bit traumatic as any women will tell you but I've already called ahead and will be going their first customer of the day (hopefully). Did some research online and have an idea of what sort of pretty things I want to try on. I will not be purchasing knickers from the same store as the last time I did that at a similar store I ended up shelling out $80 for a pair that matched but did not fit and wouldn't have been comfortable even if they did. Nope, I'll be going down a few stores in the mall to Addition Elle which has lovely lacey underpants that fit well and don't cost an arm and a leg (or a butt cheek). And no, I will not be posting pictures of either purchase.

Work's going well, blood pressure fine, no need to worry. That's it. Nothing else to see here. Move along.


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, TV is suckage right now. I watch Newsworld in the a.m. and then nothing until repeats of SVU in the afternoon. I've even stopped watching repeats of The Hour (shocking, I know!). But, I guess I am reading more, too, though I have a hard time with that. To make you super new publishing schedule for Random House came into my inbox this week and it's making me drool.

Bridget Jones said...

Yahoo and best of luck at AE.

SME said...

I'm feeling a little sickish just reading the pancake breakfast description...hope your tummy has stopped protesting!

I've been avoiding TV in the summer too. Having it on contributes to the heat, having it off saves me from the irritation of seeing inane shows like "Hogan Knows Best".

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