Another Garden Update

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Remember this?

Things have changed slightly in our little garden plot...

I popped downstairs this morning during a Corrie Street commercial break and managed to pick most of what I needed to feed both mom and I for dinner.

Fresh peas...they didn't make it to dinner. We ate them as soon as mom woke up.

Fresh beets. Mmmmmm. There's also a sinkful of lettuce which we're going to turn into another fantastic salad. Paired with a baked potato or maybe some ginger glazed carrots and a small pork chop. Unfortunately I have to wait until tonight to enjoy it - we're taking the niece and nephew to BBQ for the afternoon.


SME said...

Mmmm-mmm-mmmm, fresh peapods and beet greens!

You really have to rescue that zebra. Poor guy's been stuck in your garden all summer. He probably misses the other miniature zebras.

scout said...

it's a satisfying feeling, isn't it? i miss having a vege garden. ah well, some day :D

Heather said...


sp said...

Wow everything is growing so quickly. The beets look amazing.

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