Another Scorcher

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Yep, it'll be another hot one out there today folks. Somewhere between 27 and 30C which is damn near tropical if you ask me. Thank god Alberta is so darned dry. I couldn't take the humidity. I'm going to run out to the grocery store early this morning to avoid the crowds and before it gets too hot.

For those of you interested in catching the Edmonton Indy today but don't want to risk hospitalization from spending all that time in the blazing sun (local news was reporting that temperatures on/near the track were about 5 degress higher than the rest of the city which means they'd be approaching the mid 30s with NO SHADE at the city centre airport), you can catch it on television. TSN is covering the race in Canada, ESPN in the States. According to this website, you can catch it in the UK on Sky Sports 2 and for the rest of you, you can get updates online at I doubt I'll watch it as I'll probably be able to hear most of the action from the balcony but I'll catch all the crashes and smashes on the news highlights.

In other sports news, the Jays won last night so mom is happy. Actually she's sleeping right now but her snores sound as though she's very pleased about their performance. The Eskimos also managed to hold off Hamilton last night in a good game. I managed to stay awake until it was over at about 8PM and then crawled into bed and fell fast asleep. Bra shopping is pretty tiring you know. However, it was well worth it. I found a gorgeous bra that makes my girls look super duper and is quite pretty. No, that is not me or my bosoms in the picture. And the red/coral coloured one at the bottom of the page is almost as nice as the blue one. If they had had one in my size (and I had the money) I would have gotten both colours. Alas, it will have to wait. Maybe for Christmas along with my perfect purse. Wow, what's happened to me? I'm suddenly so...girly. I also scored big at Addition Elle and picked up a pair of bright orange/coral lacy knickers. Not only were they on sale but they were having an additional 50% off the last ticketed price sale so I got them for about a third of the original cost (yes, lingerie is expensive gentlemen but well worth the effort wouldn't you say).

It seems that fortune cookies might actually come true. I'll let you know in about two weeks. That's all I'm saying except that I think it's time to change jobs.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Milla said...

It was 30C in Sweden, and today it's 29C in London. Fantastic! Yes, I know, I hate the heat too, but I love the sun adn the light, I NEED some days like these...

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