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Sunday, July 27, 2008
Much to my surprise (and despite my best intentions) both the Admiral and I watched the entire Edmonton Indy yesterday. All 95 laps. Ok, it wasn't exactly 95 as it ended up being a timed race (?) so they ran the clock out rather than finish the total number. I have to admit, it wasn't as boring as I had expected it to end up being. That's not to say it was white-knuckle exciting but it had it's moments. Scott Dixon won. I don't know who he is but there you go. The National Post article I linked to makes the race sound super exciting with claims of "nearly two hours of non-stop action with spinouts and crashes, numerous lead changes and lightning-quick pit action that may have decided the outcome." Perhaps we didn't watch the same race. Sure there were no real big crashes and the most exciting spin out occurred when Danica Patrick was bumped from behind by her teammate, one of the many Andretti's involved in racing. And then, of course, you had to laugh when Mexican driver Mario Dominguez's rear wheel flew off seconds after having it changed in a pit stop. All in all, not a bad sport to watch (although I doubt I could handle one of those 500 lap races) and I admit, the Admiral and I eagerly watched the pit stops to see who would come out first and lead the race. And I learned more than I expected about racing by watching the whole thing. Although, I still don't completely understand the differences in the cars, especially when they look the same ... something about engines, speed, tires ... (sorry Alun).

The garden continues to grow and grow ... and grow some more. We finally had to rip out a bunch of plants rather than merely pick the veggies growing on them. Bye bye to a number of marigolds (which still aren't blooming but are almost a foot and 1/2 tall), see ya later carrots that were planted too close together, and get in my tummy beets! Admiral Grannie took a trip downstairs last night and returned with two shopping bags full - one of beets (with greens) and the other overflowing with green and yellow beans and peas. Methinks we planted a few too many this year. Well, it's all a learning experience. We'll know better for next year.

Speaking of green things, CTV NewsNet did a story today on how "green" the Calgary Folk Fest is this year and I was so surprised at the measures the festival has taken. The official beer supplier, Big Rock, is using compostable cups; the festival has been using only wind-generated power for the past eight years, and they've instituted a plate recycling program (you pay a toonie which you get back when you return the reusable plate). They also have numerous recycling bins throughout the grounds and they offer composting facilities. Incredible. If you're in the Calgary area next year (today's the last day for this year's festival), you should check it out. Our resident Zombie, Barbara, has volunteered in the record tent for the past two years.

With the exception of the Indy race, some football/baseball, and my week's worth of Coronation street, I'm still avoiding the television and I don't really miss it. Perhaps I would if we actually had programming worth watching but that's a seperate issue. Instead, I've been reading, a lot, as I mentioned on Thursday. Finished my 9th Discworld (Terry Pratchett) book on Saturday and headed off to the library again this afternoon as the brain book didn't grab me. It proved a bit difficult though to find a book on my wishlist that was (a) carried by the city library, and (b) on the shelves. I now have eight books requested, plus one coming from the university, and a request for them to buy another book. My fear is that they will, naturally, all become available at once. Arrggh.

The trip to the library this afternoon proved fruitful: another Discworld novel (Men at Arms) and The Invisible Sex by Olga Soffer and J. M. Adovasio. Whipping through the first two chapters of this second book this afternoon, I realized how out of touch and behind the times when it comes to current archaeology I am now. Sadly, this is my own fault. The first few years out of university, various books on the subject were pretty much all I read. I had a subscription to Archaeology and regularly visited the university to have coffee with friends and former classmates from the department to discuss their research, books we'd read, etc. Now, there are days when I have trouble spelling archaeology. So, I've made myself a promise - more reading. Amongst the other nonfiction I read and the occasional work of fiction, I'm including books that naturally won't appeal to the average reader. More books on archaeology and anthropology. Possibly renewing my subscription. And surfing the blogs, picking up bits and pieces and trying to fill in the massive gaps in my knowledge of the subject. I realize this is probably a bit boring for most of you but ... it's my blog and I'll write about whatever I want. Pfftttttp.

Nothing else exciting to report.


Wandering Coyote said...

My marigolds are short but blooming. My echinacea is short and not doing a heck of a lot. I'll be very disappointed if it does nothing this summer.

sp said...

The good news is you can freeze those peas and beans if you have space in your freezer.
It's nice to hear about festival making an attempt to be aware of the amount of garbage such an event can produce. I hope others follow suit.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You are too hip for words my dear. I love how you covered so much in one post.

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