Early Morning Goings On

Thursday, July 31, 2008
This morning, as usual, I woke up thanks to a fuzzy backend being stuck in my face at the (funnily enough) ass-crack of dawn. Took my pill, had a wee, and headed out to the living room. I slid the screen door to the balcony open and headed outside to set up pillows and cushions for the cats to sit on (don't ask...they are, indeed, spoiled). As I took a look around at the beautiful early morning view, my eye was caught by a gaggle of flashing lights just up the street from us. I didn't think to take a picture at the time until I was watching the news about half an hour later. The morning news started talking about a possible murder in the downtown area and I realized this could be it! I grabbed the camera and popped back outside. The emergency vehicles were all gone but I noticed there were still police officers combing the lawn beside one of the small apartment buildings, apparently looking for clues. Turns out, after watching the whole story on the newscast, that this wasn't the location of the death they mentioned but some other crime had taken place. I'm sure I'll hear about it on the news tonight after work.

I'm not surprised about the location of this photo (one block from my apartment) and it's likelihood of being a crime scene. It's a rundown walkup apartment building on Bellamy Hill, not one of the nicest spots in the downtown area.


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