Fully Rested

Saturday, July 19, 2008
Unless I'm on vacation, I'm never taking another week off again. To be perfectly honest, I've been a bit bored. For those of you not in the know, my doctor instructed me to take the past week off work (don't worry, I'm fine) and rest. Well, I'm now fully rested but very restless. Being at home and trying to "relax" and take it easy is driving me over the edge. I've napped, gone for walks, read, read some more, watched television, more naps, visited the family, read, napped, napped, read....arrrrgggghhhh! I can't wait to go back to work! This is why I can never take one of those beach resort vacations - I need to DO something. My mother, despite her hovering over me and telling me to RELAX, has said I've always been this way, even as a child. Just can't sit still. Even when I'm sitting still...something's always moving, my legs, my fingers, my mouth. I'm....twitchy.

A week's worth of reflection on the previous few weeks has given me a good idea of what brought on the mini meltdown I had in front of my boss, her boss, my coworkers, and my mother last week. There was, of course, the stress from the new temp summer job working for the boss's boss's boss but that alone I could have handled. Then there was the constant running back and forth between that and my regular job, each demanding that I spend more time with their areas and the passing back and forth of hysterical, panic-strewn emails. On top of that, the absence of an, at times incompetent, coworker (yet again) who's job was then thrust upon myself and another overworked cubicle slave. All those things combined together to throw my brain and body into shut down mode and I, for lack of a better word, cracked under the strain. Resulting in the aforementioned physician ordered week at home.

On top of all of that however, was the fact that I (boys you can skip to the next paragraph if you wish) finally got my period - first time in three months. Imagine if you will the hormonally driven emotional buildup that has brewing for the past three months... I think my coworkers got off pretty lucky all things considered. I could have gone on a stapler rampage but I did not. The strange thing was that there was none of the usual carbo loading and excessive horniness I usually get prior to the start of my period (oh I'm sure my brother is oh-so-glad he chose to read this post now). And I was so enjoying the thought that maybe, just maybe, it was early onset menopause. Damn. At least I know I'm not pregnant...not that there's any chance of that anyways but always a relief to know that I haven't been chosen to be the bearer of the messiah on his second visit.

To keep busy this week, I've spent a lot of time reading. Well, trying to read. Over the course of five days, I visited the local public library four times and have checked out a total of nine books. Of those, I have read ... none. Although I am currently working my way through one which is quite interesting, The Devil in the White City, and have two others (Tea and Soul Made Flesh) which are awaiting my perusal to see if they're worth bothering with. Who would have thought it would be so difficult to find a book to read? Sheesh. I also snagged a copy of Faust Eric from my brother's bookshelf since I had trouble finding a copy on Amazon and it's the one book of Pratchett's the library doesn't seem to have. One of the books which didn't make the cut was The Physics of Superheroes. Sadly it just didn't live up to my expectations although the idea behind the book is fantastic. Some of you may have noticed that there's also a Rough Guide for London amongst the stack of books on my coffee table. Don't get excited - nothing definate planned yet. However, if I ever start this part time job I supposedly have (the business is slow during July and August), I'm hoping to get something going for mid to late March. Again, there's a lot of "ifs" involved so don't get hopes up of hearing wild tales of my UK exploits or seeing pictures of the Captain in various London locales just yet.

I've also started, finally, to knit mom's christmas present....another scarf (she requested it). A very expensive trip to the local yarn store yesterday saw me come away with a skein of Socks that Rock in Chapman Springs. A mix of purple, blue, green and yellow, I'm a bit disappointed that it's not banding the way other variagated yarns do. Probably the wrong size needles or something stupid like that - probably should have gone with a solid colour but it was just so mesmerizing. The owner of the store also convinced me to pick up a new Addi Turbo circular. Three times what I'm used to paying for a regular generic needle but oh...my...god. For those of you that don't knit, you won't understand. I can't believe I didn't buy one sooner. Heaven.

And finally, we had dinner with Big Brother and family yesterday. Our first family BBQ get together of the summer. Mmmmm, delicious as always. Big Brother, aka the Griller Man, did all the cooking. Mom brought along a fabulous salad made with fresh lettuce from our garden, I made my famous veggie skewers, there was grilled corn, and cooked to perfection (ie: hockey pucks in a bun) burgers. We finished off with a delightful white jasmine tea and a rousing game of Chicken Cha Cha Cha with the kids. Ok, the Admiral played the chicken game. I attempted to find Waldo in a book aimed at children but far too advanced for adults. If I ever meet the person who invented "Where's Waldo", I'm pulling out the stapler.


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm glad you're relaxed and ready to go back. It sounds like you had a productive time off, even though you didn't seem to like it too much.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm not all that great at forced relaxation either. I'll bet your apartment is really clean now though!

Glad to hear you are feeling better and ready to face the hordes again.

Milla said...

"stapler rampage"...hmmmmm that's an idea...

Glad to read you are back to your own self. The food looks very good too.

Heather said...

I'm glad you had a break, even if you didn't like it. You sound better than you did a week ago.

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