OH! SNAP! I mean SNAP...OW!

Saturday, July 19, 2008
That scream you just heard was me. The under wire in one of my bras snapped today and stabbed me in the underside of my boob. I don't think men can understand this pain. Mother Fu$%#r. The closest thing I can compare it to is being stabbed in one of your testicles with a jagged piece of metal. A piece of metal that is supposed to do nice things - like lifting and separating - not stab you through the heart (perhaps a slight exaggeration). To be truthful, the pain wasn't the worst part. It was the fact that it broke. Not only am I now lopsided if I choose to wear this particular bra, it's the realization that this bra is, essentially, toast. I suppose I shouldn't complain - it's last me an amazing 6 years. Yes, that's right six. And it was still in fantastic shape. Well, other than the snapped metal frame. Blue and lacey, it was my absolute favourite and it made my girls look great. I loved it so much that a few months later I went out and bought the same one in white and black. The only colour I didn't get at the time was red and, well, that's just trashy.


Red said...

Eeeesh, that stabbing of the boobie doesn't sound like a fun thing. At all. Still, after six years, I'm amazed there was anything left of this wonder bra.

Plus, now you get to shop for more lingerie! Yay, isn't that fun?

(I've just realized that sarcasm doesn't quite come off in my writing, but trust me: I am being very sarcastic when I celebrate the joys of lingerie shopping.)

Milla said...

6 years?!?! Your bra lasted 6 years??? I am very lucky if my bras last for 2!

Obviously your bra is good quality so if the straps and fabrics are still good, how about replacing the wire? That's what very old bras are for: you take out the underwire for later use.

Lingerie shopping sounds so glam! I have never done it. I mean: I go to my usual 'bra that fits' shop (BhS on Oxford Street), try on a couple of my usual bras (same ones for years: black, underwired) and if they fit, I buy them. That's it. Once/twice a year. Not exactly glam...

Captain Karen said...

Red: Never fear, your sarcasm was clear! I think just about all women feel the same way. It's almost nearly as bad as trying on a swimsuit.

Milla: Normally mine last about a year, a year and a half if I'm lucky. With these last ones, I decided to spend the money and get some quality undergarments. Because my girls are ... bigger than average shall we say ... I was having problems finding ones that fit in a regular store. So I headed to a lingerie shop, spent a fortune but came away with bras that fit (like most women I was wearing the wrong size), looked pretty and were super supportive. And the fact that they lasted so long? Bonus. Definately worth shelling out the money.

I couldn't believe it lasted so long as well but I followed the instructions I was given: washed it in a lingerie bag and never EVER put it in the dryer.

Wandering Coyote said...

Ouch! Yeah, I really hate that. But the bra owes you nothing after 6 years - that's a record. I hate underwires, and I hate it when they poke through the bra and into your armpits. There's nothing you can do about it, either. I just wish someone would invent an underwire bra that didn't do that...I'm not the biggest fan of bra shopping. I'm cheap so I always go for the tried and true Wonderbras I've been wearing for years, but I admit, I'm getting a bit tired of them.

Milla said...

I don't have a dryer so I dry my bras inside (not even in the sun) but what is a lingerie bag? I might buy one for my doves'cages.*

*That's how Zorro calls my bras.

Captain Karen said...

Milla: Dove's cages? That's so cute! A lingerie bag is just a mesh bag to hold your delicates while in the washing machine. It prevents them from getting tossed all over the place and potentially getting snagged on other clothes or the swisher thingy in the middle of the machine.

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