Spa Day (but not for Kitty)

Thursday, July 31, 2008
I know I'm supposed to be saving every penny in order to (hopefully) take a trip sometime within my lifetime but I really felt the need to pamper myself (I haven't done so since last mother's day). So, I've booked myself a pedicure/manicure at my favourite spa for tomorrow night. It'll cost me a night's stay in a halfway decent hotel but frankly my fingers and toes are worth it.


tweetey30 said...

I hope you enjoy your manicure/pedicure. I have had a manicure but now my nails are frail from the fake nails. Never had a pedicure yet.. Enjoy yourself. Pamper away..

Milla said...

Can you believe I've never had a pedicure or manicure my whole life? Never been to a spa either.

I bite my fingernails anyway, so maybe a manicure is out of the question...

Wandering Coyote said...


Like Milla, I've never had a mani or a pedi, but I did get my hair done at a spa once, though I didn't enjoy any of their other services.

I'm not a spa type of gal. I don't like people working on me.

I hope you have a great time though, and you deserve it. Good luck with your you-know-what, too.

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