Well, Colour Me Surprised

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
This actually makes racing look interesting...

This weekend, as I've mentioned before, is the start of the Edmonton Indy. I'm not a fan of racing. I usually associate it with beer swilling, grease-coated ball cap wearing guys with no teeth named Bubba. I realize that that's just for NASCAR but still. I could care less in Danica Patrick decides to pick a fight with other drivers in the pits or if Gene Simmons is going to try and have sex with every female in sight. I like to see things get smashed up, cars spinning out of control onto the grass or into a barrier (but without people getting hurt or going up in flames, naturally).

I caught a bit of the British Grand Prix a few weeks ago and it was quite exciting towards the end, the part I watched. It was raining and cars were skidding all over the place. Awesome. Now THAT's racing. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for the drivers and fans, it's supposed to be sunny and hot this weekend (around 30ish). Guess it won't be that exciting but I'll catch the highlights on the news.


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