Yo, Harper! I Called It

Monday, July 07, 2008
But I'm hardly gloating. Today my sister got dumped by her Dutch "boyfriend". Dumped after travelling halfway around the world to see him. Dumped after having just spent the week with him AND his family. Dumped while still on vacation in Holland with another week to go. Dumped while her best friend and travelling companion is in Germany visiting family. Dumped in a country, nay almost an entire continent, where she doesn't know anyone else. Dumped ... by text message. She's devasted and confused about what she should do. I don't have all the details but it sounds like they're flying in and out of Amsterdam, and her friend is supposed to be heading back there on Friday (they fly home on Saturday). 'Lil sis has enough moola to last and hotels booked (I think...?) - still waiting to hear back to know if I need to get in touch with our shared parental units. She'll be fine I'm sure but what a way for it to end.

The Dutch Dickhead didn't have the balls to let her know that he apparently has feelings for someone else and doesn't love my sister anymore prior to her hopping on the plane. And he couldn't wait until after she had gotten on the plane headed back to Canada to ditch her. And he certainly didn't have the balls to have a face to face conversation about it (or even call her on the phone). Jackass. Nor did he bother to tell her before spending a week sticking his little pilot in her hanger. Why should he? It's free sex with no strings attached right? Um, yeah, apparently not. The "love" word is very powerful and yet people toss it around like any other word in the English language without any considering of the consequences if things don't work out the way they want it too.

In lighter news, Lead weights, a snorkel, a mountain bike and ... a 6ft deep bog. The Welsh have all the fun.

To get myself out of the house and peel myself away from my laptop, I've gotten myself a part time job. Some of you may remember I tried this once before when I became a deli clerk. Ah, yeah, that...um...didn't last. I was a deli clerk for a grand total of approximately 37 minutes. It wasn't a job I really wanted and at a place I didn't really want to work at. After watching the first portion of their training video, I faked an emergency phone call and left without saying goodbye. I know I know! I'm bad.

Almost 50 years after being wrongly convicted and sentenced to hang for murdering a young girl, Steven Truscott has been awarded over $6 million dollars in compensation. 'Bout time thank you very much. And is that going to change anything? Not really but it's something.

We just can't get no respect. Not only does that loud-mouthed Texan from Merkah, refer to our Prime Minister as Steve (only his mom's allowed to call him that), now he's resorted to yelling out "Yo! Harper!" when addressing our country's leader. Oh sure, Steve-O doesn't really deserve much respect, he's pretty much a doofus but since when is it acceptable to address foreign heads of state in a manner best suited for a barroom with sawdust and peanut shells on the floors? And he did it while wrapping his arm around the Nigerian President. If I was American, I'd be embarassed.


Red said...

Man, that's bad news about your sister. What a frickin' asswipe that guy must be to let her travel all the way from Canada to Europe only to dump her. And by text? That is low. Low, low, low.

So, what is this part-time job you got? Are you not going to share any more details?

Bridget Jones said...

Very sorry for your sister but happy for her too.

What an asshat that guy must be.

Milla said...

Oh, some men are just like that. I feel like calling him a c*nt, but it would be an offence to the c*unt itself.

However, the world (and love) work in very strange ways, and believe it or not, Karma and Fate will take care of this stupid chicken of a man.

mister anchovy said...

It's sad about your sister and her ass of an ex. It strengthens my resolve to not give in and get a cell phone. No text messages here.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I"ve been embarrassed for 7 years now.

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