Christmas in August

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I’m in the holiday mood. I know that it’s early but I can’t explain it. Yesterday, a craving for the full turkey dinner hit me from out of the blue (turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, my homemade cranberry sauce…). I could practically smell the sage. Today, I started planning my Christmas parcels. Don’t get too excited folks. I have to save my pennies so I’m only sending out three or four this year and they won’t be as elaborate as what I’ve sent out in the past.

I think part of it started with that video on Seesmic about the care packages. When we were younger, my grandparents used to ship us a moving box full of Christmas presents and baked goodies from the east coast every year. It was always so exciting when it arrived. I LOVE care packages. Unexpected, full of treats and items you didn’t realize you needed until you opened the box. Mail is awesome. Except for bills, flyers, and junk mail that is.

It’s been difficult resisting the urge to discuss Thanksgiving arrangements with Big Brother and his wife already. I MUST wait until at least Labour day but I love the gathering of the family and friends for a big home-cooked meal and card games afterwards. This year we have to remember to exchange names for the holidays so we only end up having to shop for a few gifts rather than spending an entire paycheck on buying for the entire family.
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