Et Tu, Technology?

Friday, August 29, 2008
I'm really starting to hate my MP3 player. And iTunes, amongst many other bits of technology that I don't begin to understand. To start with, my laptop will not accept the software that came with my player so anything that I wish to drop onto it and listen to "on the go", has to be done on the old desktop computer. This is a bit of a hassle as I only use my laptop now (unless at work). The problem, I'm guessing, is because my laptop runs Windows Vista and the desktop runs XP. Damn you Microsoft! I can get around that though by downloading music to the old computer but it's still annoying. And no, before you ask, I can't just drag and drop ... I've tried already.

Then there's the issue of iTunes. I don't use it very often but when I do, it saves the files as mp4s, NOT mp3s which is the format that my player accepts. This problem I'm also able to solve, although it's an involved process. I burn the downloads from iTunes onto a disc, then I transfer the songs from the disc to the old computer (which get saved as mp3s somehow...) and then import them into the software and finally onto my player.

Finally, various podcasts and other files that I've downloaded to listen to at my leisure also can't be dropped onto my player. Arrrggghhhh. Um...shouldn't these things be easier? I can understand Apple choosing to offer their files in a format that's really only easily playable on their systems (i.e. the iPod) - why wouldn't they? They've got such a huge portion of the market they can easily afford to and not have to worry. But what about the rest of them? Wouldn't they want to sell a player that's compatible with various file types and sites which offer downloadable music/podcasts so those of us who choose to not cave in and buy an iPod can enjoy portable tunes as much as the Apple aficianados out there? Perhaps it's just me - I know that technology and I aren't the best of friends but I figured it would be easier than this... I'm beginning to think I might have to eventually fork out the cash and get my shuffle on.


Wandering Coyote said...

I have a SanDisk Sansa and love it. Totally user-friendly, drag-and-drop, Vista-compatible, you name it. iTunes does that translate everything into it's own format, which is annoying, but since I put stuff onto iTunes rather than buying from iTunes, this doesn't affect me.

Heather said...

I have to admit that I'm one of the pod people. I had a nice mp3 player, but I wanted something with more space and I wanted podcasts...I love my ipod. I'm all for ipods.

Anonymous said...

mp4 is a much better format and allows for a higher compression of files. What you need is a Mac instead of all the nightmares that come with a PC! :0)

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