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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
I was in a rush this morning and nearly forgot to look for more photos but managed to grab a couple.

Another shot of Cecily from 1942. No information on where this is but I’m guessing possibly Ottawa as it seems she spent most of her time there before shipping off to England. The cute little dog is Buzz II according to the photo. Not sure if it’s hers or what happened to Buzz I. As usual she looks stunning in her uniform. And I’m a bit surprised at how similar she and my mother look – other people notice it but I only catch glimpses now and then. My image of my grandmother is of her as an older woman when she and my mother didn’t look as much alike but when I see pictures of her when she was younger. Amazing.

Hey! Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Oh wait…that’s just Big Brother. You can tell who won the wrestling match he had with the bleach bottle. Taken at the Buon Thai restaurant in Edmonton, my family had treated me to dinner after my university graduation ceremonies. Yes, Big Brother really spruces himself up for those special occasions. This was the last time I saw Cecily before she passed away – she and my aunt had flown in from Ontario especially for my grad (which I would have passed on otherwise).

High school graduation. I am now exactly twice as old as I was in that photo. Eeeeeek! What have I done in the meantime? Not so much… Big Brother still doesn’t look comfortable in a suit. I loved that dress at the time. However, when I look at it now, I wonder what I was thinking. The top is far too low and the whole outfit was way over the top. A bit much for a dress you only wear once (don’t get me started on wedding dresses). The colour is fabulous – “mean grean” they called it. Unlike Jody the Non-Blogger I didn’t have a date. My group of friends had decided we’d all go together as a group but slowly, one by one, they ended up with dates…except me. Great. Thanks everyone.

The admiral and her puppies, Daisy (left) and Boomer. Best dogs ever. Long story involving divorce and the phlegmy guy.


Wandering Coyote said...

Actually, that is a terrific grad dress. It looks just like something out of Gone with the Wind, and I love that kind of style. Besides, it was the early '90s, right? You should have seen my grad dress! Pastel heaven with a crinoline!

tweetey30 said...

Great photo's Karen. Thanks for sharing your life with us. And photo's. I wish I could find my little album of photo's of my great great grandmother and family and our scanner would work.

sp said...

I think it's a terrific dress too. I was thinking heroine at the helm of a ship when I saw it, but WC is right, it is very Gone with the Wind. Like most of my clothes, my grad dress was my sister's hand-me-down. Actually I loved the dress and my grandmother made it so it was unique and had sentimental value.
The photo of your grandmother is beautiful.

Bridget Jones said...

Love those puppies!

If she was in Ottawa, she'd be wet from the rain and yawning from boredom.

Just sayin'. . . . . .

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