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Sunday, August 17, 2008
Confession - I didn't make it to the 8:30 group run this morning. I WAS dressed, bag packed, sunscreen slathered but when as I was getting ready to slap on the shoes and head out the door, I noticed an ow-y that wasn't there when I woke up. To test it, I did a quick jog around the apartment and realized that the muscles in my right thigh were starting to hurt. No I'm not looking for excuses. I was fully prepared to go. I decided though to not risk injuring myself in the first week by pushing myself. Today has been spent resting, elevating, and will end with some deep stretches and an ice pack. I've promised myself that I'll run either on the treadmill downstairs tomorrow or outside. Chances are the former as it's going to be hot hot hot tomorrow.

Despite my calls to boycott the Beijing Olympics this year, I freely admit that I have watched a number of events. Some diving, rowing, and track and field (go Jamaica!). The athletes shouldn't be punished so I'm happy to support them and now that they're underway, there's not a lot that can be done. Our PM, who did not attend the opening ceremonies and our Minister of Foreign Affairs, who did, have been noticably silent on the issue of China, it's treatment of Tibet and it's citizens, and it's ongoing history of human rights violations. Heck, even George W. has said he's not pleased. That was apparently in between patting the well toned tushies of the American women's beach volleyball team. This is very disappointing. However, I've dealt with most of this before so I'd like to bring up a few other Olympic related issues.

What happened to breasts? One thing that became VERY apparent in watching the few snippets of the Olympics that I did catch was that almost all of the female athletes, regardless of country or sport, have almost no breasts whatsoever. Especially weightlifters and swimmers. I'm quite bothered by this. Gymnasts I can understand, most of them haven't even reached puberty yet. Now I understand that breasts are mainly blobs of fatty tissue surrounded by some milk ducts and a bit of muscle. As a result, I realize that for professional athletes they're bosoms will be smaller than the average couch potato but I didn't expect for them to be completely nonexistant on most of the athletes at the games. Is it just me? Am I just noticing this for the first time or are they getting smaller every four years?

And I realize that the Olympics have become quite the commercial event (no surprise there) which does bother me but they're supposed to be promoting the best in sport, the pinnacle of athleticism. I honestly doubt that the majority of these athletes drink coke or eat Big Macs and yet that's what we're being shown. Hey look, Ronald McDorkus says, Olympic athletes eat our crap, you should too! To top this off, CBC is flooding their airways with ads for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver (whole other can of worms that is) and one of their major sponsors is, in addition to McD's and Coke...Wonderbread. I believe they're touting that sawdust filled concoction as the official bread of the Olympics. I'm frightened for our children. Seriously. Have you tasted Wonderbread? It's disgusting.

That's it. I've ranted enough. Must go and enjoy my delicious spaghetti sauce which has been simmering all afternoon. Mmmmmm, sgetti. I bet you're jealous.


Gardenia said...

There is something about the development of muscle and loss of body fat that changes the hormones and the boobs go bye bye. Women weightlifters as well - lots of them are getting inserts now - weightlifters - that is -

How about that swimmer that took 8 medals and set all those records!!! I didn't see him, but have been following the news.

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