Great Idea!

Monday, August 25, 2008
I saw a fabulous "invention" (not really the right word but it's early and my brain's not completely awake yet) while browsing through some videos on Seesmic today. A young guy had received a care package from his mother (yay for moms!) and inside was a box of cards with the title "City Walks with Kids: San Francisco - 50 Adventures on Foot". Essentially the box contains 50 cards (ooh big surprise) with an easy to follow map on one side and directions/background/history on the other. What a fantastic idea! Amazon currently only shows four sets of cards: Paris, New York, Washington, and San Francisco but I think they should definately consider doing more. London, Rome, Berlin ... you get the idea. And not just for kids! If they had a set for London, I'd be whipping out my credit card with one hand as I type this with the other. What a great gift for your family and friends that are about to take a trip. I'd insert a barely noticable "cough cough" here as a hint but since they don't offer London, what's the point? The cards are easy to read and the maps highly simplistic so anyone can follow them (remember...they're designed for kids!). AND they're small and handy enough to slip into your pocket or purse rather than having to lug around your copy of Fodor's or a map you'd need an engineer to help you fold back up.


Gardenia said...

What a fabulous present!

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